The miracle of light. Reserve forest.

miracle, lightThe bank of the Desna is wall pine forest. The magnificent forest, lying on the sand arena over the floodplains of the Dnieper and Desna. Everything is beautiful and pristine and there do not need to make an order flowers and gifts on the internet.. They grow and fragrant.. Enjoy all you want.

Northern part of it – it is reserve forest.
Slava Reserve Zalissia brought gold pine forests, white sandy tracts, birch valley, remnants of old oak, green young pine forest, high conservation of grass.

And a unique, historic, majestic swamp Ovrut with high and steep banks.
In the forests of red berry meadows with the aroma of fresh strawberries, thickets of red and yellow raspberries, autumn purple barberry and the kingdom of mushrooms – white, red, brown, green, gray, yellow-bird.

Spring forest blooms yellow-blue dream-grass, birch sap is flowing, then blossom meadow valley and, finally, covered in white cherry on the slopes Ovruti; their smell are as drenched in milk, anywhere in the forest blooming wild pears and apples, and thickets of wild plums and cherries.

Still later, yellow acacia. This spring, the original paradise garden.
And not in a zoo, but here in the woods, you can meet and elk, and badgers, and fox. As with the edges of Foresters cows graze wild goats and deer, herds of wild pigs, and even the kings of the forest – bison. The bogs are found Ovrut and beavers, and muskrats, and numerous birds: ducks, cranes, and in the water – carp, pike, tench.
Until recently in this forest kingdom lived and wolves, and the bustard, which were carried out on forest wastelands and dry swamps. Here salubrious air of the forest, the sound of giant trees, yellow sand and blue sky. As a way to infinity.

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