Scientists continue to debate about the end of the world

18 May

end, worldExperts around the world are wondering how strong will have a negative magnetic radiation of our parent star – the Sun in 2012, as soon as you know, it will reach the major cycles of his own activity.

It is projected that the change in magnetic polarity of the sun can act as a huge magnet that can change the magnetic fields of cosmic bodies in the heliosphere, which is located and our Earth, reports portal of the Epoch Times.

“We call it the butterfly, because sunspots on its similarity in shape to the wings of a butterfly” – said a representative of Space Flight Center, NASA David Hathaway of the article on the influence of solar dynamics on geomagnetism. According to him, because of all the subtleties of the impact on the field change heliosphere is difficult to determine.

According to long-term calendar, Maya civilization, the end of our civilization will come to the last day of the 13th baktuns (Maya believed the time in cycles of 13 baktuns (13 × 144 000 days). In our calendar, it will be December 21, 2012.

Maya called the last twenty years the 13th baktuns (1992-2012) period of “rebirth of the Earth” or “Purification of the Earth”. In the year 755 by a monk Mayans predicted that after 1991 there will be two major events: people learn the secrets of the cosmos and start cleansing and rebirth of the Earth.

Some believe that the great seal of the United States illustrates this prophecy. On the reverse side of the seal depicts a pyramid with 13 levels. At the top of the pyramid painted bright eyes. It is believed that this symbolizes the awakening of people after 13 baktuns.

There are different points of view associated with the end of the world. In 2007, a scientist employed in the program of NASA’s ICESat, H. Jai Zvalli suggested that by 2012 all the ice in the Arctic Ocean has melted.

A Habibullo Abdussamatov of the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory claims that the 2012 spots on the sun will rise to a short ice age, which will last until the middle of the next century.

Earlier it was reported that American scientists have explained the chronology of the Maya, according to which in 2012 should take place end of the world. It is known that the Maya civilization reached a high development in astronomy, calendar system, a complex math and abstract thought. Chronologically Maya modern era began on August 12 3114 BC and should be completed on Dec. 21, 2012 AD

According to the calculations of astronomers in 2012 during the December solstice Sun would be in the zone of the Milky Way. When the sun will be in this zone must occur renewal of the world, his new birth. Accordingly, the Mayan prediction concerns an event that will change the course of history.

As according to U.S. scientists, the Sun will occur outbursts. Colossal plasma charge, which cast out the sun, paralyzes all energy on Earth. Caused by this accident economic paralysis will cause millions of deaths already this year.

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