Predicted a clash of the sun with a cloud from a supernova

Predicted,clashA century or slightly more, our system will plunge into a very sparse, but very hot (millions of kelvins), the cloud remains of an old supernova. So says an international team of scientists from Poland and the United States, have issued an analysis of an enormous anomaly in the sky, opened last year.

Speech on the great-loop tape, belting the celestial sphere and the intensity of the emitted energetic neutral atoms (ENA). E e discovered satellite IBEX (details of discovery, historical data on the outskirts of the solar system and the structure of several of its external shells.

Origin of the tape – a mystery. At first, researchers thought that this was the result of interaction between the solar wind and particles in the interstellar medium, then realized that it was necessary to take into account the impact of the interstellar magnetic field. But the mosaics do not stack. Now, a new explanation.

Powerful streams of ENA are born, where face neutral hydrogen atoms from the local interstellar cloud and high-energy protons from the cloud remnants of a supernova. He called the Local Bubble. As two approximately spherical object at the intersection make a circle – we see the tape. How it looks from the outside, well shown in the figure below.

If this version is correct, it turns out that IBEX first seen in the ENA object outside the heliosphere. And the sun moves just to the local bubble. The distance from our light to tape rated at 500-2000 astronomical units. And, given the projection of velocity in the direction toward the center strip, it turns out that the solar system would go into the local bubble over 130-540 years.

Dramatic changes on the Earth itself is not followed, we are protected, although the details have yet to think about. But it is clear that the rise of dangerous levels of cosmic rays in interplanetary space. And it will complicate long flights of people of the future. In the June issue of Astrophysical Journal Letters paper the authors will come of this hypothesis.

Figure: Local Interstellar Cloud – the local interstellar cloud, within which live in the sun and its family of planets, Local Bubble – Double bubble, formed after a supernova explosion, ENA – energetic neutral atoms generated at the boundary of the clouds.

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