Physics brought the law of the universe

31 May

law,universeScientists have found a new pattern of interaction of elementary particles of matter and antimatter, which would; perhaps, there is the universe and all its components, including the Earth and its people, according to a paper journal Physical Review D. This is the so-called symmetry of matter and antimatter, which, according to idealized mathematical representations of the structure of the universe, must lead to the formation of a uniform probability of particles of matter and antimatter as a result of interactions of elementary particles.

If this principle were true, then at the time of the Big Bang, which initiated the formation of the first stars and galaxies in the universe, all matter and antimatter were formed in equal amounts, would come together to interact, which would lead to their mutual destruction (anniginlyatsii ).

Despite the fact that the objective reality – the existence of the universe and all its components, “made” from the matter and the almost total absence of antimatter – an indication that the principle of symmetry is somehow broken. Due to what is happening, scientists are still unknown.

The first explanation for the “asymmetry” of matter and antimatter were offered another Soviet Academician Andrei Sakharov, according to the works which the properties of particles with inverse quantum-mechanical features are not completely opposed. These differences lead to the fact that in the same conditions, the particles of matter and antimatter behave diametrically opposed, but with small deviations from this symmetry.

Over the last several decades of work by various groups in the field of elementary particle physics have led to the discovery of examples of such asymmetry of matter and antimatter, but such reactions are still belonged to “exotic” and could not explain the nature of available material superiority over antimatter.

In his new work an international team of 500 physicists working in the National Accelerator Laboratory. Enrico Fermi in the USA, the findings obtained with the second-power particle accelerator, the Tevatron, and showing a marked deviation from the symmetry of the particles of matter and antimatter.

The work of scientists using the accelerator performed collision of protons and anti protons, resulting in the formation of other elementary particles. Its scientists have drawn attention to the so-called B-mesons, which in turn decay into muons and antimuonium.

As a result of 8 years and the accumulated data on the results of hundreds of trillions of collisions of protons and antirotonov scientists were able to show that the formation of the muons from the decay of B mesons at 1% more likely than education antimuonium.

This deviation is 50 times greater than the deviation from the symmetry of matter and antimatter predicted by the laws of the Standard Model of elementary particle interactions, which could mean the discovery by scientists of new evidence of the existence of previously unknown, and the laws of physics or elementary particles.

Clarify it be, seems to have a team of scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider.

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