Miracle of technical ideas – infrared cabin

27 May

infrared, cabinInfrared sauna cabin differs from the well-known Finnish pair cabin so that the temperature inside it varies from forty to fifty degrees Celsius. No more. And the humidity there is practically zero. Attend infrared saunas can even elderly people and people. with hypertension ..

65% of buying infrared cabins for personal use. And only 35% – for commercial purposes, according to market analysts. Vendors also acknowledge the fact that our citizens have become much more concerned about their health.

Nevertheless, infrared cabin a great way to earn.. And not a lot!

If you use the infrared cabin for business, the most convenient size – 1,2 x 1,5 meters. They can be installed in gyms or spas. The secret of success in this business is simple – you are not the owner, but all the same to rent space in cosmetic or health or complexes.

Of course, you are selling their services independently, but side by side sells massage and spa, but after some time, and with a little assistance to your customers will visit you.

Prices for single-seat infrared cabin quite affordable. Pricing policy is in direct proportion to equipment and materials saunas.

You can buy infrared cabin and on an individual project but the price is a sauna will be 30% higher.

There is no need to save to buy second-hand cockpit, as the guarantee is determined by the official dealer for 10 years on the heating elements, and the cab, second-hand you will have to repair at his own expense.

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