Israeli doctors found a man’s soul

20 May

man's, soulDoctors with the help of instruments MRI turned out to find evidence of the presence of a human soul.

On Thursday, April 29, in Caesarea called the annual congress of the Israeli Neuroimmunology, where will present new research on brain activity and its relationship with the immune system of the human body.

These include, first made public the results of studies the relationship between brain activity and spirituality. As the chairman of the Israel Association of Neuroimmunology and the head center for the study of multiple sclerosis at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, Professor Dimitrius Karosis, medical devices using magnetic resonance imaging have found evidence for a human soul.

According to him, new studies demonstrate that practicing bondage to the esoteric teachings of Greek philosophy, or involve the brain something he calls “the apparatus of faith” that activates the brain activity and block the development of the disease, when conventional medicine is powerless.

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