Hyperborean History

Hyperborean – an enigmatic country, northern, windy but warm. About her a lot has been said, many hypotheses suggested. Doubt that it existed, almost no one left. Of course, there are skeptics who always deny everything, adhering to stereotypes, but the error is entitled to one.

Personally for me, the most authoritative scholar on the topic is Doctor of Philosophy VN Demin. His contribution to the study of Hyperborean simply priceless. Research VN Demin documents, linguistics, folklore, and many others; create a general idea of the ancient civilization. The results of his expeditions to the Kola Peninsula are stunning, and confirm the correctness of the conclusions. But there is one question (as will become clear later, not the least), which, dear me, VN Demin, pays little attention. Namely: the causes of death Hyperborean.

Actually the very reason is clear, it is – a change of climate. But what caused such a sharp change? VN Demin their hypothesis does not build, and lead already exists: the offset angle of the Earth axis and the change in location of the poles; exorbitant increase the mass of polar ice, causing the Earth loses balance and commits a “somersault”; Geomagnetic inversion (swapping the magnetic poles) etc. All these theories have a right to exist. And it is likely that over millions of years of earth is going on. But in the case of Hyperborea, they do not find confirmation. The basic and logical hypothesis, this shift the poles. Indeed, the pole – this is the coldest place in the world. The reasons are known to every schoolchild – the lack of solar energy. Therefore, we shift the pole, the area located on the site of the former pole, will get a different climate. While the area was in his place a new pole, will acquire the Arctic climate, leading to a colder climate, glaciers and other “charms” in the Arctic.

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BUT … In this case, the polar night just change their location! That is, the polar night or day – is the property of the pole, from which, in fact, implies the lack of solar energy. Also consider changing the axis without changing the spatial position of Earth relative to the ecliptic. Yes, then the climate would change. But the previous one could not be called Mediterranean or even moderate. And most importantly, would the calendar: changed to winter and summer, that is, the polar night. Now let’s look at the sources used by VN Demin (and he alone) when reconstructing the image and the location of Hyperborean. Basically this is the Rigveda, Avesta, and a number of different authors, including the antique.

All references to the ancient ancestral home, north, Hyperborean (call it what you prefer) are accompanied by a description of the polar night, which, in fact, allows you to identify the geographical position of this fabulous country. For example, the VN Demin, refers to a book distinguished Indian scholar and public figure B. Tilak “The Arctic homeland in the Vedas, where through rigorous textual analysis proved that in the sacred books of the ancient Indians and their ancestors did not describe the southern and northern realities – the polar night sky, polar night and day dawns and the polar lights. (For the first time in Russian the most important parts of the book in translation Tilak NR Guseva were published in a thematic issue devoted to Hyperborean: Science and Business at Murmansk. 1998. No 3) from the foregoing it can be concluded that the ancestors knew about this country, a country of polar, that is located at the poles. And its location has not changed. And if they changed it slightly. At least not so much that the climate would be so thoroughly changed.

Now let us explain the generally accepted, but not autochthonous name of this country – Hyperborea. Hyperborea – the ancient name of the north. Literally, in ancient Greek – “For the Borei – North Wind”, that is, in the far north. But it is not in the extreme north of our current understanding. Country located at the North Pole. And in this regard, it is worth paying attention to an important document, but rather a map.

Gerhard Mercator map. It shows almost the exact geographical location of islands, rivers, seas, coasts, etc. But most importantly – Hyperborean … On it we examine in more detail.

Let’s look at it carefully.. Look at what precision, even strait between America and Eurasia is specified, although in the early 16 th century (the time of creation – redraw maps) it did not know! Look here even specified the location of the Golden Baba, the one fairy who can grant the wishes of the person and give happiness! Is G. Mercator made folklore expeditions to the Russian North? No, this is taken from some source unknown to us, apparently very ancient. Let’s look at the coast .. Notice how many settlements, many place names on the Eurasian continent. In the Americas, they are few, but these too. Are there errors on a map? Why, that’s a look at Novaya Zemlya. All south-east coast of blurry, as if the location is unknown. But how, with such accuracy the rest? Or maybe it was covered with ice and the coast “all the time has changed? It is likely, because in many a legend tells of ice and warm ocean (?). And here we are confronted with a contradiction – a warm ocean covered with ice. How is this possible?

At first glance, this is an inexplicable paradox. In the tradition says about the climate, comparable to the Mediterranean. This is confirmed by research scientists: another 4-5 thousand years ago the climate in the north of Eurasia was fairly mild and there was carried out heat-loving animals. So where is this ice? Well, the answer is obvious – the pole, the Arctic … The question must specify the opposite – where the heat? In my opinion, this is a key issue. The presence of ice excludes solar energy. It can be assumed to exist in those times of warm ocean currents. But could it have been so warm during the northern latitudes?

Take an example. Gulfstream – quite warm during and influences the climate of Britain, Scandinavia and even the Kola Peninsula. Consider Britaninskie Island. Here, for has not yet begun to cool, and has almost “full force”. And can it be called a Mediterranean climate of England, with all known rain and fog? Hardly. Then what “power” should have been over to sufficiently warm the entire ocean, or even be part of, to climate, comparable to the Mediterranean? So, for probably no longer valid. At least, evidence of this yet. Then what is it influenced the temperature of the water? Turn to the analogues. Imagine: snow, cold and hot water. Sound familiar? Many in this easy to learn geothermal sources – geysers. Could a lot of geysers or hot springs to heat the ocean? Of course not, usually do not have … And what, in fact, a geyser? Simply put, it springs heated by volcanic activity of the earth. This can be explained by the powerful, just after a huge volcano. But what kind of volcano is and where he was? Let us look again at the map by Gerhard Mercator. This time, the most important, the heart of the Arctic – Hyperborea.

In fact, the North Pole is an island, or rather a high mountain. In different traditions, it is called differently: Meru, Ripp, Olympus … What was she like? At any oceanic island of volcanic origin, but of enormous size. Could he warm the entire ocean? Well, judging by the size of this is possible, but whether he was acting and Volcano Is this all? We return to the map: the island is surrounded by water. What is this lake? And where there is so much fresh water? Perhaps with the glaciers. But pay attention to the rivers flowing from the “lake” on their size and compare with all of us famous Russian rivers.

Our rivers look simply streams. What kind of water should fill this “lake”? So maybe this is not the lake? To determine the look on the map Giperboriysky continent. It is strange, but considers it, especially nothing … Spacious plains, surrounded by mountains, or, rather, it is steep ocean coast. There is no geographical name, while the coast of Eurasia simply littered with them. And the mountain itself – the island have names, but in such large expanses of nothing. Why? And here we see the part of Eurasia, another blurry place. It is from this side could count on the accuracy, rather than from the Americas. And maybe that’s just the point?

On the part of Eurasia to the very ancient source from which you draw a map of G. Mercator, it was known that there is ice and the shore “all the time. From the same America it was known only to the approximate position. If G. Mercator drew a map on the basis of a written source, we can assume that there is indicated only conditional arrangement. However, it can be read as a literal, specific indication. Exactly G. Mercator portrayed … But this is just an assumption.

From the above we can conclude that this is not a continent, and the polar ice, which, of course, no settlements and geographic tags can not be! We return to the “lake”. If we assume that all around him are not the continent, and the ice, it becomes clear that this is the sea, or rather the ocean. Why at the pole, not frozen water? Because the island, situated at the North Pole – a volcano, and hot enough. It warms all around; the water is heated, rises to the surface and flows down the ice or between ice, carrying heat to the mainland coast and islands.

If we assume that the current volcano, it is quite possible and underwater eruption, in which water can be warmed to near boiling. But in this case, the water can turn into acid .. However, given the ocean volume, it quickly lost its aggressiveness. It is possible that the volcano was standing, and large eruptions were not. He constantly warms the water and affect the climate of the Arctic Ocean. Probably, during the formation of the volcano, in the underwater part of it was formed a large number of voids and caves, which provides heating large volumes of water. What an enormous geothermal sources. This may explain the warm water in the ocean.

But here we are faced with the collapse of continental Hyperborean – the continent was not … Hyperborean – all arctic space, with all the islands and coasts of continents. But my heart was at the very top of a volcano – the island. It is possible that the volcano itself was quiet, may have been periodic eruptions, but not significant, and without the threat of people. Then this place really could be a paradise. Let us turn to the proof of this to the standard Greek name – Hyperborean – For the northern wind. In light of the foregoing, it becomes clear that name: for ice – ice expanses – the icy wastes, which got it a little heat and the cold winds.

And then we got to the point – the death of Hyperborean and the change of climate.

Well, here is especially to explain nothing, sooner or later (maybe after a couple of million years) of any volcano in trouble can happen in a large eruption of such a power that can break himself volcano power, comparable to the number of hydrogen bombs (and perhaps a few tens). And the island disappeared. Underwater remnants could zatrombirovatsya cooled lava, geothermal activity was lost, or greatly reduced. The water was cool, the pole bound ice and most of the islands became cold and unfit for life, forcing survivors to migrate to the south.

That’s pretty much everything. The death of Hyperborean led to disunity of the people, to the branching of languages well, and all that now surrounds us. Then came the end of the millennia the golden age.

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