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29 May

Anthropologists are divided into two great camps. Representatives of a claim that the evolution of man over. And a very long time. Others believe that it is continuing. Yes, and is accelerating.

According to scientists from the first camp, the people of the future will not change in appearance. Find one in, say, in the 40 th century, and there on the streets are the same as we? Present. Well, almost the same. In general, no problem.

– People generally retain their familiar look and a million years – soothes Italian anthropologist Giorgio Manzi (Giorgio Manzi).

– If you are not going to happen some cataclysm – corrects colleague Steve Jones (Steve Jones) from University College London (London University College). Global catastrophe, according to scientists, can nevertheless give a lift to severe natural selection. And he, in turn, will be able to strongly influence the human appearance. But other “incentives” but a significant change in habitat, such as not.

Futurologists from the first camp “believe that more likely internal changes. In connection with that foreshadow the next.

First: disappear terrible diseases like cancer and AIDS. But it will weaken the immune system. And “help By” the many medications that have to take on any occasion. Second: the development of information technology threatens the psyche. Internet of the future, virtual reality, all sorts of gadgets and devays will easily establish and develop relationships, to meet many needs. Until sexual. Even sitting alone. But from this ease blunted feelings of love, sympathy, trust and respect. People will be less able to care for others and not seek to act together. Can generally be similar to domestic animals. But do not loyal, and indifferent. As expected, all this can fall into depression and ozhiret. As in the animated film “Valley”.

Tall and slim

From the second camp, on the contrary, predicts major changes. The farther into the future, the more noticeable. But consensus on the future of the human aspect is not. As well as agreement on the terms. For example, the famous futurist Professor Oliver Curry of the Center for Natural Philosophy and Social Sciences, London School of Economics sees a thousand years is very bright. In his “Report on the evolution of” he, in fact, echoes the Soviet science fiction writer of the last century. Looking to the bright future of communism, they painted an incredibly beautiful people the ideal physique.

And Curry talks about proportional broad-shouldered six-foot athletic-looking men with square jaws and big genitals. On the sexy women, grown-up to 190 inches – above the current supermodel. With large breasts, long and crooked legs, large eyes and smooth skin.

The professor expects that life expectancy will increase to an average of 120 years. And without early senility – in 80 years we will look at the 40. True, the origins sverhkrasoty and longevity scientist puts not the political system. – Towards a more beautiful humanity than the present, into improvements in nutrition, the development of medicine and genetic engineering – the professor said. – But the main thing – sexual preference. They – these preferences – and tarnished in the future appearance of a large part of people’s future.

Well, hello, Goblin!

According to Curry, mankind is divided into two subspecies – “Fine” and “gross”. But this does not happen soon – somewhere over 100 thousand years. “Fine” will represent an elite caste of fine, intelligent, healthy, prosperous and creative that will reproduce only within their group. It seems frivolous eloev, which met the hero of HG Wells, came to 802,701 a year to a time machine. Another sub-species – “rough” – will bring the lower creatures, which will have no preferences. Scary, stupid, poor stunted freaks will like the goblins. Or at the Morlocks, who lived in a novel by science fiction underground.

Professor Curry thinks that after 100 thousand years will be a race of goblins, however, many anthropologists and futurists believe that the “trouble” will start much earlier – in the next millennium. And touch everyone. Not that everything will be goblins. But obviously not handsome in the current understanding.

Bald, toothless with plug in your ears

The habit of chewing blander foods make our faces rounder – almost childlike in form, and tiny chins. This – at first. Then he will grow shallow teeth. While not disappear. Along with the nose, which will remain two holes? In the best case – barely noticeable bump. According to a research by French scientists, the nose “will no longer be” as unnecessary because of ongoing mutations. They have already led to that man for several thousand years, has lost three-quarters of its smell.

– Culture and the environment in many ways will determine our biology – says the philosopher Francesco Cavalli Sforza (Francesco Cavalli Sforza). And the faithful believe in demand forecast that, all people will eventually be long, thin fingers – so convenient to press the keys, dab in the screen is. Perhaps the five fingers on your hand will not need – enough for two – three. And the strong and weak floor completely lose their hair – will not grow anywhere, even on the genitals. Not to mention the head, armpits and beard. British scientists seriously believe that evolution is capable of such a step to conserve water resources and washing your shave. Moreover, such a deficit would lead to that of the kidney will be a new feature – to extract water from the urine and keep it in the body. Muscle weight decreased markedly. Leather ogrubeet to resist burns from acid rain. On the ears will fold – a kind of valve that can be shut down to protect against noise. The abundance of information will require a larger brain. And, accordingly, the skull. The head rise and rounded. Anthropologists predict that the eyes of the abundance of all dirt and dust in the atmosphere will be slanted and become the second eyelid. Or a dark protective film. And in the end result? To summarize the scientific predictions? She looks like – to the smallest detail – the representative of an extraterrestrial civilization, how it is now taken to represent. Frail and brainy. The so-called “gray” in the terminology of urologists.

The similarity of man of the future with alien emerges until dark film on the eyes. It can be seen in the famous “alien autopsy”, which for several years of debate, it is a fake or a documentary. But according to legend, a military statement took it as a cut of this alien, who died in 1947 in New Mexico during the collapse of “flying saucer”. Typical images of aliens, incidentally, appeared in 60 of the last century – even before the promulgation of the film. And allegedly were drawn from the descriptions of eyewitnesses. Here is one of the two. Or for us to really come flying aliens to demonstrate the next stage of evolution. Or portraits – belong to “brush” Entertainers-futurists who produced them according to their perceptions of the highly humanoid. However, according to urologists, the Earth has been visited since, and “Nord” – tall, handsome and sexy beauties. Perhaps they are nothing more than a reflection of forecasts. Or, on some planets, evolution does not go the way goblins. For humanity – a chance…

And at this time SKIN COLOR CAN CHANGE

Studies at the University of Oslo (University of Oslo), showed: about 6,000 years ago the Europeans were very dark skin. Barely brighter than the Africans. But suddenly began to turn white. Author Johan Moana (Johan Moan) argues that “clarification” was caused by changes in the supply system, when people from using the extracted on hunting and fishing went to the food grown on the fields. And it does not provide the body with the necessary quantity of vitamin D. To make up for shortfalls evolution and provide people with white skin, by which vitamin elaborated under the influence of ultraviolet light. Here are the current leather – not the last. Futurologists believe that in the distant future will neither white nor black nor yellow, nor red. “Colors” as a result of mixed up. And will mean – “coffee with milk”. All. But then again, something happens to the food? And to feed mankind, have grown in reactors exotic nutritional substance? Then the skin color may change at any. For example, green, blue or gray, like the newcomers. Some chemicals and anoxia are able to provide such a transformation.

The fact that evolution threatens to continue, and points to the recent sensational discovery. Group of Irish scientists from Smafitskogo Institute of Genetics at Trinity College Dublin (Smurfit Institute of Genetics at Trinity College Dublin) have found in the human genetic code, three new genes that appeared recently. What was considered impossible? What are the characteristics of our body or physical appearance encode these new genes, researchers have not yet identified. But it turned out that they created out of the hereditary material, which first seemed useless to scientists – a kind of “genetic garbage”. It seems that people continue to adapt to something. And yet change. Let it not very clear. But the process goes. And after a thousand years may taxied anywhere.

HANDY EVOLUTION ALREADY takes a step forward

In 1913 in Africa near the town Boskop (Boskop) were found strange skull – a disproportionately large. Later, describing them in the journal Nature, explorer Frederick Fittssimons (Frederick FitzSimons) said: the remains belonged to people who lived about 30,000 years ago. And the volume of their brain reached up to 1900 cubic centimeters. This is 30 percent more than in modern man. “Tadpole” named boskopami.

In the recent book “Big Brain: The Origin and Future of Human Intelligence» («Big Brain: The Origins and Future of Human Intelligence») famous American neuroscientists Gary Lynch and Richard Granger (Gary Lynch and Richard Granger) wrote that boskopy thanks to its huge brain and had the highest mental abilities.

– They have been wiser to have so much we wiser monkeys – the researchers assert. And emphasize that boskopy had strongly developed frontal lobes – the volume as much a half times higher than the corresponding sections of our brain. And just what they are mainly responsible for intelligence.

As suggested Lynch and Granger, boskopy through their frontal lobes can parallel process multiple streams of information, analyze complex situations with a large number of possible outcomes. We could speculate about any problem and simultaneously keep the conversation going.

Boskopy much better people to keep memories – until very early age. Can they recover completely? What we almost never fails.

On top of a boskopov were amazing person – almost childish: a small chins, tiny noses and big eyes. In short, their appearance is quite consistent with the ideas of anthropologists, the man appeared buduschego.Otkuda boskopy, which disappeared about 20,000 years ago – still an enigma.

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