Global warming threatens people’s lives

global ,warmingClimatologists at the University of New South Wales (Australia) and Purdue University (USA) showed that the rise in average surface temperature at 11-12 ˚ C will result in the fact that most of the human population will have to deal with the overheating of the body.

Scientists have examined relationship of global warming with an increase in the maximum temperature of wet bulb temperature (TW). This value is measured by a thermometer, wrapped a damp cloth and blown air flow. The evaporation of water, the intensity of which depends on the humidity, cool bulb, and it shows a lower value than the dry device transmits portal Kompyulenta.

“In nature, high temperature wet bulb temperature recorded rarely, – says study participant Matthew Huber. – The fact that in very hot areas of humidity is usually low.

When the TW to 35 ˚ C the human body and many other mammals, losing an opportunity to efficiently transfer heat, and within a few hours of overheating becomes a life-threatening. “In such circumstances, a person can not escape from overheating, even if he was naked and wet, will stand in the shade in front of a fan” – says the second author of Stephen Sherwood.

Researchers estimate that, in some areas of the Earth critical TW will be exceeded in the case of a global temperature rise of about 7 ˚ C. With warming to 11-12 ˚ C in such areas will be a big part of the population of people (if its present spatial distribution remains).

“States need to develop special programs to protect the people, – says Huber. – You can bet on the air conditioning, but this requires additional energy resources and is unlikely to work, in many third world countries. In addition, you will somehow solve the particular problem with livestock. ”

It is worth noting that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts a rise in global mean surface temperature in the XXI century 1,1-6,4 ˚ C.

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