At the Earth will fall two magnetic storms?

magnetic, stormsEarth in the coming days will be in the zone of increased intensity of the solar wind, associated with the so-called coronal hole on the Sun.

In this regard, the world expected a rare phenomenon – two magnetic storms with an interval of just a few days, one of which starts on Thursday and another – May 31, on Monday, reports News.

According to scientists, geomagnetic disturbances with varying intensity will continue until the beginning of June this year. It is believed that they could lead to failures in communication systems and navigation. And also affect human well-being, causing headaches, insomnia, pressure drops. However, many physicians believe that the impact of magnetic storms on the health of an exaggeration.

“The projected rate would be minimal disturbance, Kp index does not exceed five, this is the minimum value for the magnetic storm,” – said the researcher of the Laboratory of X-ray astronomy, the Sun the Lebedev Physical Institute (FIAN), Sergey Bogachev RIA Novosti.

He noted that the strongest geomagnetic disturbances cause a solar flare, but the projected magnetic storm is not associated with outbreaks. “There are no flares did not occur, the storm due to the fact that the Earth is in a zone of coronal holes” – Bogachev said.

The scientist explained that the coronal holes – this zone “open” magnetic field on the Sun. Usually the magnetic field lines in the Sun form a closed loop, ie they both ends of the hinge to the surface of a heavenly body. Unclosed loops, which show a darkening of the solar corona, solar wind is a source of high intensity, more fast particles, which are causing geomagnetic disturbances.

“They (coronal holes) is quite long-lived, and as such a hole now approaching geoeffective latitudes, we can predict that the Earth in the coming days is in range of the coronal hole. In this case, it is very wide capture a fairly wide range, so the storm can last for quite a long time “- Bogachev said. He clarified that the predicted level of geomagnetic activity – minimum, but did not rule out that people with high sensitivity and can react to such a level of activity.

“I would like to emphasize that although the formal level of activity (Kp index is equal to 5) upcoming events related to the storm, we must understand that this is the minimum level of magnetic storms. So in general, in the coming days, the Earth can expect more in the general deterioration of the geomagnetic conditions which, nevertheless, can be felt meteosensitivity people “, – concluded the scientist.

In the past year such emissions just was not, sends. Now the Sun enters the active phase, so that in future the two magnetic storms in a week will cease to be an extraordinary event.

Magnetic storm (Help)

Geomagnetic storm – a perturbation of the geomagnetic field lasting from several hours to several days, due to inflow in the vicinity of the Earth perturbed high-speed streams of solar wind and associated shock wave.

A powerful geomagnetic storm in the history of solar observations has been the geomagnetic storm of 1859 (“Carrington Event”), then the telegraph service has denied throughout Europe and North America and around the world observed the bright northern lights. Less severe storms were recorded in 1921 and 1960, when there were massive disruptions to radio communications.

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