Adventure holidays in the Black Sea pearl Anapa

17 May

Black, Sea, pearl ,AnapaThe town of Anapa is located on the Black Sea coast, in the place where there are Kuban Pryazovs’ka lowlands and mountains of the Greater Caucasus.

The first settlement on the site of Anapa dates back 25 centuries ago. It was built by the ancient town Sindica, which in IV-III century BC attached to the Bosporus state.

In the Middle Ages to the area near Anapa found refuge Genoese merchants, their settlement was named Maria. Shortly thereafter, the town passed under the authority of the Ottoman Empire. In the late 18 th century it was annexed to the Russian Empire, and since then it was called Adyghe name Anapa.

The waters of Anapa are a major tourism resource. On the coast, the mass of hotels and resorts, but I like hotels Vityazevo..

Water for human alien environment, so it is very interesting in the adventure-cognitive sense. Known. that more than 50 million fans of diving to dive deeper than 70 meters. Search the dead ships, ancient treasures, visit the sunken cities are one of the most important parts of tourism.

Italy and Turkey, Greece and Cyprus are actively using their underwater treasures. Not devoid of underwater treasures and the Black Sea coast and in particular it is full of near Pearl – the spa town of Anapa ..
Do not believe me? Come see for yourself!

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