“Acid Fog” destroys the earth in 4 years

07 May

Acid, FogEarth may perish because of the black hole. Astronomers have found in our galaxy, a giant cloud, referring to the level of so-called “acid fog”.

It consists of cosmic dust and destroys all the celestial bodies, found on their own path. The diameter of the cloud – about 10 million miles, first found his observatory NASA.

As they note, object, most likely located at the conditional radius of the black hole, which is estimated to be located in the center of our galaxy, according to Israeli portal Strana.

When the cloud closer to the solar system, not just Earth but the entire system will be destroyed. Presumably, this will happen in 2014.

“The destruction of our entire solar system is inevitable,” – said astrophysicist at Cambridge University, Albert Shervinsky.

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