A miracle that will never happen again ..

Your prom … He is unique and will never be repeated.. You pick a dress to look like a queen at least, shoes and makeup. Your parents are torn with the question – where to hold graduation and mark off on a piece of a cell from an exercise book, who passed the money, but who have not yet.. Pleasant trouble..

Your prom night in your own school – is a kind of stock .. You summed it up and realize that your childhood ends and you like it abruptly and without preambles become a newly-made “adult” graduate.. and clearly understand that it’s time to start to become an adult, and stretch their own wings …

Boys and girls at all times, whether they are prewar, postwar, modern crisis, did everything to make a unique way to mark the final evening of beloved school – kind of peculiar that he should remain in the memory of a lifetime of memories that lasted a long time and for many years and for friends and family, future children and grandchildren..

It is important that you do not forget that the prom – not just your bright holiday, but it is also an excellent opportunity from the heart to say “Thank you” dear to your heart for teachers, who all this time, take care of you and were indifferent to you.. Perhaps for the other guys are unimportant detail, but for them, have invested in you, the students a piece of my heart, this gift will be a gift for a million dollars…

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