200 years ago, Neptune could encounter with comet

Neptune , couldIn determining the composition of the atmosphere of Neptune by the Space Telescope “Herschel” astronomers noted an increased content of carbon monoxide in the stratosphere.

The latest data, voiced at the conference held in Miami the American Astronomical Society, suggests that in the recent past Neptune collided with a comet. According to a research subject Emmanuel Lellouche (Emmanuel Lellouch) from Paris Observatory, the results are consistent with its proposed back in 2005, a model of collision with an object the size of 2 km, which occurred about 200 years ago. These calculations were based on much less accurate measurements using ground-based telescope.

Observations “Herschel” also broadly consistent with published earlier this month in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics Data Japanese satellite AKARI.

To explain the emergence of a large number of carbon monoxide could be the gas flow from a certain inner vessel, but some investigators concentration in the stratosphere at twice its concentration in the troposphere, the lower atmosphere. Consequently, the flow of carbon monoxide from domestic sources is unlikely.

Do not agree with the experimental data and option income JI brought by falling on the planet micrometeorites and dust. Upon entering the atmosphere of a particle can actually keep it in water and a certain amount of carbon monoxide, but the theoretical models predict different from the observed ratio of these two substances. At the same time, the collision of comet Shoemaker – Levy 9 with Jupiter, registered in 1994, led to the planet’s atmosphere water and carbon monoxide in the desired ratio, which confirms the validity of the hypothesis of the authors.

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