200 years ago, Neptune could encounter with comet

Neptune , couldIn determining the composition of the atmosphere of Neptune by the Space Telescope “Herschel” astronomers noted an increased content of carbon monoxide in the stratosphere.

The latest data, voiced at the conference held in Miami the American Astronomical Society, suggests that in the recent past Neptune collided with a comet. According to a research subject Emmanuel Lellouche (Emmanuel Lellouch) from Paris Observatory, the results are consistent with its proposed back in 2005, a model of collision with an object the size of 2 km, which occurred about 200 years ago. These calculations were based on much less accurate measurements using ground-based telescope.
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Physics brought the law of the universe

law,universeScientists have found a new pattern of interaction of elementary particles of matter and antimatter, which would; perhaps, there is the universe and all its components, including the Earth and its people, according to a paper journal Physical Review D. This is the so-called symmetry of matter and antimatter, which, according to idealized mathematical representations of the structure of the universe, must lead to the formation of a uniform probability of particles of matter and antimatter as a result of interactions of elementary particles.

If this principle were true, then at the time of the Big Bang, which initiated the formation of the first stars and galaxies in the universe, all matter and antimatter were formed in equal amounts, would come together to interact, which would lead to their mutual destruction (anniginlyatsii ).
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Predicted a clash of the sun with a cloud from a supernova

Predicted,clashA century or slightly more, our system will plunge into a very sparse, but very hot (millions of kelvins), the cloud remains of an old supernova. So says an international team of scientists from Poland and the United States, have issued an analysis of an enormous anomaly in the sky, opened last year.

Speech on the great-loop tape, belting the celestial sphere and the intensity of the emitted energetic neutral atoms (ENA). E e discovered satellite IBEX (details of discovery, historical data on the outskirts of the solar system and the structure of several of its external shells.
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Hyperborean History

Hyperborean – an enigmatic country, northern, windy but warm. About her a lot has been said, many hypotheses suggested. Doubt that it existed, almost no one left. Of course, there are skeptics who always deny everything, adhering to stereotypes, but the error is entitled to one.

Personally for me, the most authoritative scholar on the topic is Doctor of Philosophy VN Demin. His contribution to the study of Hyperborean simply priceless. Research VN Demin documents, linguistics, folklore, and many others; create a general idea of the ancient civilization. The results of his expeditions to the Kola Peninsula are stunning, and confirm the correctness of the conclusions. But there is one question (as will become clear later, not the least), which, dear me, VN Demin, pays little attention. Namely: the causes of death Hyperborean.
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Mystical secrets of Malta

Mystical, secrets , MaltaThe ancient buildings of Malta – the catacombs, temples, observatories and other megaliths – some of the most enigmatic in the world. They are older than the Egyptian pyramids nearly a thousand years.

Who built – is unknown. And most importantly, why? Their appointment is as big a mystery as in the figures Peruvian Nazca desert or in the stone rings of English Stonehenge.

Some scientists cautiously suggest that the Maltese over the Sumerian civilization – it is officially known as the oldest on Earth. And generally the very first among developed countries.
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UFO crash in Africa

Almost 21 years has passed since the disaster UFOs in South Africa – the event in its value exceeding a similar incident in Roswell, because here in Africa, alien pilots had been found alive.

The hunt for UFOs

For newcomers all the time their “captivity” was conducted video surveillance. The total footage exceeds 700 hours. According to information received from one of the engineers of NASA, there is a hour and a half documentary film about them. His 25-minute piece was shown at the New York staff of organizations associated with aeronautics and space flight, and the spectators were warned not to disclose the information received.
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The catastrophe of the Black Sea

Black , SeaAll lotsiyah and atlases indicate that the average depth of 1300 meters of the Black Sea. From the surface to the bottom of the basin of the sea is really an average of nearly a mile, but what we are accustomed to regard the sea has a depth which is several times less, about 100 meters. Below is hidden lifeless and deadly poisonous abyss. This discovery made the Russian oceanographic expedition in 1890. Measurements showed that the sea is almost entirely filled with dissolved hydrogen sulfide, a poisonous gas with a smell of rotten eggs. At the center of Sea hydrogen sulphide zone closer to the surface about 50 meters closer to the shores of the depth, where we start starved zone is increased to 300 meters. In this sense, the Black Sea is unique; it is only in the world without a solid bottom.
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How will the man of the future

Anthropologists are divided into two great camps. Representatives of a claim that the evolution of man over. And a very long time. Others believe that it is continuing. Yes, and is accelerating.

According to scientists from the first camp, the people of the future will not change in appearance. Find one in, say, in the 40 th century, and there on the streets are the same as we? Present. Well, almost the same. In general, no problem.

– People generally retain their familiar look and a million years – soothes Italian anthropologist Giorgio Manzi (Giorgio Manzi).
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Near the Sun found a man-made object

Sun, objectAstronomers have found close to the Sun object, made by people. A new artificial satellite star wrote Portal Universe Today, which also allowed seeing the photo of the object, which was given the name 2010 KQ.

For the first time in 2010 KQ was discovered during the review of the sky to open up near-Earth asteroids Catalina Sky Survey May 16, 2010. The object is in orbit around a star with a period of 1.04 years. Because of the shape and inclination of the orbit as originally adopted for the asteroid, but later it was suggested that the 2010 KQ was placed on Earth.
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At the Earth will fall two magnetic storms?

magnetic, stormsEarth in the coming days will be in the zone of increased intensity of the solar wind, associated with the so-called coronal hole on the Sun.

In this regard, the world expected a rare phenomenon – two magnetic storms with an interval of just a few days, one of which starts on Thursday and another – May 31, on Monday, reports News.

According to scientists, geomagnetic disturbances with varying intensity will continue until the beginning of June this year. It is believed that they could lead to failures in communication systems and navigation. And also affect human well-being, causing headaches, insomnia, pressure drops. However, many physicians believe that the impact of magnetic storms on the health of an exaggeration.
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