200 years ago, Neptune could encounter with comet

In determining the composition of the atmosphere of Neptune by the Space Telescope “Herschel” astronomers noted an increased content of carbon monoxide in the stratosphere. The latest data, voiced at the conference held in Miami the American Astronomical Society, suggests that in the recent past Neptune collided with a comet. According to a research subject… Read more 200 years ago, Neptune could encounter with comet

Physics brought the law of the universe

Scientists have found a new pattern of interaction of elementary particles of matter and antimatter, which would; perhaps, there is the universe and all its components, including the Earth and its people, according to a paper journal Physical Review D. This is the so-called symmetry of matter and antimatter, which, according to idealized mathematical representations… Read more Physics brought the law of the universe

Hyperborean History

Hyperborean – an enigmatic country, northern, windy but warm. About her a lot has been said, many hypotheses suggested. Doubt that it existed, almost no one left. Of course, there are skeptics who always deny everything, adhering to stereotypes, but the error is entitled to one. Personally for me, the most authoritative scholar on the… Read more Hyperborean History

UFO crash in Africa

Almost 21 years has passed since the disaster UFOs in South Africa – the event in its value exceeding a similar incident in Roswell, because here in Africa, alien pilots had been found alive. The hunt for UFOs For newcomers all the time their “captivity” was conducted video surveillance. The total footage exceeds 700 hours.… Read more UFO crash in Africa