What to do with chain letters?

Few in and beyond is not revealed in the mailboxes of hand-written “letters to the Saints,” “chain letters”, or, at least, have not heard about them. The reaction to these people is different: some emit anonymous messages without reading them, while others diligently perform all contained in these instructions. But almost every person who received such a letter for the first time, as a rule, there are some questions to answer are set out to the author of this article.

Question 1. They sent me chain letters, what is it?

The form of such messages usually has the title “Letter of happiness.” It produces and disseminates rumors and myths, asserting the subordination of rights by some higher force. The meaning and purpose “Letters happiness” – this usually offer help yourself and loved ones in need of support and hope.

These “Letters” can be considered a specific genre of written folklore. This kind of writing a myth, distributors, of which (census) – who are actively who passively – live in it.

Knowledgeable people say that the tradition of writing “chain letters” is rooted in the distant past of the East and Europe. Rather frequent mention of “messages” is found throughout Europe, including the Slavic part. These “Messages” have the character of the sermon, most of them have consistently made the same motive: to convince people to celebrate on Sunday, and not the other day, and not to take his routine works, and devote to God.

Similar in form of written text having a function and form of prayer-saving amulet belonged to the oral tradition. There remained peasant notebooks. He took with him to hunt in the road, were pregnant in order to facilitate childbirth.

The written text that has spread among the urban population is most similar to the modern chain letters. The most common legend about finding the letter said about the fallen from the sky stone. After prayers read over it, he disclosed, and it finds the message of Jesus Christ, written “with his own hand his golden letters in the Jewish language.”

Question 2. Can we trust the “facts” set forth in the Letter of happiness “?

Carefully read any modern chain letter and attentive reader will immediately find a lot of inaccuracies and worst mistakes. The most typical and notable distortion – is errors in names, dates, numbers, etc. etc.

Often, each new phrase of this letter is contrary to the previous one. In the first lines of “chain letters, for example, can be said that his original is in the Netherlands. And “it is bypassed around the world much as 445 times!” And below: “Luck went around the world 9 times, and further:” The original is in England. “(You may also want to note that never in such a letter does not specify who is involved in similar calculations.)

In the same paragraph can be stated that the “chain comes from Venezuela, which is in South Africa” (despite the fact that in reality the Republic of Venezuela – is a country in northern South America.)
It is logical to assume that the rest of the information contained in such letter, also bullshit.

Question 3. What is an electronic chain letter?

Electronic chain letters – one of the most dangerous manifestations of this genre. Progress does not stand still today in the era of globalization and new computer technology practice of sending such messages have adopted all sorts of spammers to spread the “electronic garbage”, as well as the hackers to spread viruses, worms and other malicious programs.

According to antivirus companies, many malicious programs spread unusually fast, and therefore it was concluded that the first phase, some attackers sent to dozens or even hundreds of thousands of emails containing a virus, users in the e-mail. Typically, such a letter as a “scribe” performs own malware. Of course, most users ignore the messages that have arrived from unknown addresses. Nevertheless, some of the letters do reach goal: a careless or inexperienced user runs the attachment, and the worm is able to send copies of it to addresses found on the PC E-mail.

Question 4. Who and why is circulating chain letters?

As mentioned above, various anonymous messages: “chain letters,” Letters to the game “, so called “Love Letters” by e-mail may send attackers to gain access to your PC. However, it is not always the case.

Also, the senders of chain letters can be:
– Easily induced to gullible people who believe that their shipping them and the truth will be granted any bonuses over?
– Children who have similar job seems fun as well as adults, but infantile people who have not played enough in childhood, and now entertaining this way;
– People, lagging not only in his mental development, but also mentally. After all, they can not even write proposals unpretentious, not to mention the fact to come up with more or less interesting text;
– It is possible that chain letter you sent your personal enemy or foe.

Question 5. I received a chain letter, and that I now do with it?

Most appropriate in this case, use the recommendations of the wise, in my opinion, sayings, and are advised not to take the evil in the head and heavy in hand, (if you took – to throw away, “while flying – you rest”. In other words: if you are “lucky” and you get “chain letters throw it in the basket and try to quickly forget about it.

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