Things You Thought You Knew About The Titanic…

17 Apr

Titanic, sailed Obviously, all these 47 minutes left on the assessment of the situation: since “Titanic” was the subject of international attention, send a distress signal in the very first voyage, without making sure there is sufficient basis for that, no one wanted. It is likely that valuable time has been spent to inspect the damage and considering alternatives to evacuation. Only after it became clear that to cover up this incident did not succeed, the captain ordered a distress signal and send passengers to the lifeboats.

The author recently published the book “101 Things You Thought You Knew About The Titanic … But Didn’t, after the fatal collision with an iceberg took 47 minutes before the ship’s crew sent a distress signal. What caused the captain to delay, possibly stoivshemu 1517 lives?

Because this signal was sent after midnight, there is a likelihood that the crew of the vessel was not far Californian (Californian) has not been observed simply because most of it asleep.

Another mistake made by the commander of liner, was the decision not to dispose of speed and not to change the route, despite the warnings of the iceberg. Thus, at the moment of collision the Titanic was going at 22 knots. Based on the previous notes in the journal of captain, he tried to beat the speed record “Olympic”: it was planned that “Titanic” will reach the destination earlier than expected.

In the book Tim Maltina, the result of two years studying English and American reports of the disaster, is also mentioned that Captain Edward Smith (Edward Smith) could not be fully ready for managing such a large ship. There is evidence that leaving Southampton, the Titanic nearly touched a small boat: the distance between them, according to eyewitness descriptions, it was less than one meter. In addition, in 1911, driven them “Olympic”, the liner of the same class as “Titanic” collided with the British warship “Hawk”.

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