Secrets of the Egyptian pyramids solved by scientists

06 Apr

PYRAMIDSScientists have hypothesized that the construction of the pyramids the Egyptians used a specially made material, rather than natural stone, as previously thought. These data were obtained from chemical analysis of samples of material used in the construction of the pyramids, according to online edition of Science News.
Under the new scheme, researchers, the Egyptians first crushed limestone, and then received a special mortar that is poured into wooden form work. Such a method, according to researchers engaged in much less time and did not require a large number of workers. The new hypothesis can answer the question of how the ancient builders managed to fit blocks of stone so precisely that between them there is practically no gap.

Scientists maintain that the sidewalls finished blocks can be used as a mold for casting between the new block. This method almost eliminates the formation of the space between the building elements.

The Egyptian pyramids are the greatest architectural monument of ancient Egypt. Among them, one of the Seven Wonders of the World “- the pyramid of Cheops. Pyramids are huge stone constructions, which were used as tombs for pharaohs.

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