Scientists have discovered new Antarctic

Scientists have discovered new Antarctic Circumpolar Current, which carries cold water to the equatorial latitudes. Article researchers published in the journal Nature Geoscience, wrote briefly on portal Nature News.

The study using instrumental observations were able to establish “boundaries” and flow characteristics. The flow is formed during the melting of glaciers: water flows into the Ross Sea, and flows into the ocean along the coast of Adelie. The flow moves along the coast of Antarctica to the east until it reaches the Kerguelen Plateau, located under water. Here, under the influence of Coriolis forces arising from the rotation of the Earth, the water goes around the eastern edge of the plateau and is thrown into the ocean by a narrow – wide, about 50 kilometers – the flow.

Newly discovered during the “lies” at a depth of about 3 thousand meters, and its speed in some places is about 700 meters per hour: for transfers up to 30 million cubic meters of water per second. Today it is the most rapid during the Southern Hemisphere, and its impact must be considered when studying global warming. Just as the Gulf Stream maintains in Europe warmer climate than at the same latitudes in Asia, and the open flow can significantly cool the zone of “influence”.

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