On the night of Friday, the asteroid will fly past Earth

11 Apr

fly ,past ,EarthRecently discovered asteroid coming Thursday will be the point of its closest approach to Earth, but now experts say the risk of physical collision with an asteroid planet is virtually absent. According to preliminary estimates, the asteroid will pass by Earth at the distance of the moon or a little less.

The asteroid, named 2010 GA6 is hard rock with a diameter of about 22 meters. It was first discovered by astronomers from Arizona. The point of closest approach to Earth in 2010 GA6 will be held April 8 at 23:06 GMT or on April 9 at 2:06 Kyiv time.

“Preliminary data show that the asteroid will pass at a distance of approximately 359 000 km from our planet is about 90% of the distance from Earth to the Moon. Such objects flying at such a distance from the Earth about once a month” – said Don Emans, specialist Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA movement in California.

In January this year, at a distance of 130 000 km from the Earth flying asteroids 2010 AL30, which is roughly equivalent in size and weight of today’s asteroid. Emans said that NASA and other space agencies and research organizations around the world have a network of terrestrial and space instruments to track such near-Earth objects, said Cyber Security.

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