New look at the biological time

biological, timeScientists have proposed a new fresh look at the biological time – it turned out that for many problems being conveniently presented not as the axis, and in the form of two-dimensional surface in three-dimensional space.

The new approach being presented in the form of two-dimensional surface defined as follows. There is a central axis, which is the usual time. Along this axis “goes” perpendicular vector, rotating with a large period of 24 hours, to which are added during processes such as breathing and heartbeat.

As a result, the end of the vector describes some curve in space, which can be considered as a graph of the biological process. The curve is placed on the helix – the so-called helical surface, shaped like a corkscrew. This surface and is a biological being.

According to scientists, a new way of representing time will be useful for data visualization, particularly when comparing the biological rhythms of various organisms. For example, when a similar view, according to investigators, immediately discernible difference between the biological rhythms during sleep and while awake.

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