Last Secret of the Chernobyl disaster

Chernobyl, disasterDuring the time that has elapsed since the Chernobyl disaster, appeared more than 110 versions of its causes. One of them – about “extrasensory effects of aliens on the brain duty shift” – seemed the most fantastic. But as it turned out, the intuition of the author as though he suggested that such a grand catastrophe could happen only because of intervention “gods”. However, where they are and how to intervene in this version was unclear.

The disaster was imminent

At the level of modern scientific knowledge now of the Chernobyl accident are summarized so. Unprofessional actions of the staff during the preparation and conduct electrical tests on the 4 th block Chernobyl, reflected in the systematic and gross violation of the Rules, led reactor uncontrollable state. It naturally started an uncontrolled chain reaction, which resulted in a thermal explosion. And its automatic protection, among which there was really only “foolproof”, could not save the damaged reactor, as had been previously disabled staff as “so … do not interfere with testing!

But in this case would not help and “foolproof” because any defense that was created by one man, another man, knowledgeable and very interested or severely urged on the heads, can always disable, circumvent or bypass.

All atomic scientists agree: if the operational reactivity margin (ISP) is less than 15, the RBMK-1000 must urgently turn off, as it becomes uncontrollable. This is clearly stated in the Regulations: “By reducing operational reactivity margin to 15 reactor cores must be immediately plugged.

And have run on the 4 th unit continued to work when the ISP has consistently declined to secure rods 30 to 17, 12, 7 and even up to 0-2 bars.

Working in such conditions – it’s like that go in the car on a busy street, leaving the steering wheel and brakes. Therefore, the catastrophe was imminent. The miracle did not happen. From a professional point of view it was a gamble and criminality in a pure form. Because of such treatment the reactor was assumed to criminal liability from charges of “loss of control over nuclear facilities, if the matter did not end the explosion.

Probably, says veteran Chernobyl correctly, that not all perpetrators of the Chernobyl accident have been detained, and that the “Chernobyl” the court only played for a “scapegoat”. Of course, these “scapegoat” had its own share of guilt, because, if you got a remote control reactor, it is responsible for its safety of its head. And if the boss will give you criminal orders, you should not follow them. In 40-60’s of last century in the nuclear industry was so. For then the personnel policy was carried out on the principles of professionalism, but to cronies for bribes, or where people are not kept. A chief, who gave criminal orders, inevitably will be penalized severely.

Now the main “pusher” of the Chernobyl accident, whose professional illiterate orders have brought so much misery and Ukraine, and Belarus and the Russian Federation, comfortably living in Kiev Pechersk in one of the elite houses “king of the village and is living kabminovskogo Celestial retirement. And, it seems, stubbornly refuses to repent of their sins. And his former subordinates are still trying to unleash a verbal fog around the Chernobyl accident with the obvious aim – to somehow save the honor of departmental uniform. And at the same time take away his former chief of responsibility. Anyway, moral. Because of criminal responsibility has passed all the time.

In April 2006, at an international conference devoted to the 20 th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident, was presented to the official “National Report”. It based on a study of the materials stored under the scientific supervision of Academician Bar’yakhtar first time in Ukraine was officially determined that the primary cause of the Chernobyl disaster was the “low level of professional cultural operators, plant management and the Ministry of Energy and Electrification USSR in the field of nuclear safety.”

In light of the foregoing, it appears that it is only fair if the 25 th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster in this formulation will be officially added another phrase: “… as well as the Department of Atomic Energy Bureau of the Council of Ministers on fuel and energy complex.”

And then the objectivity of the causes of the Chernobyl disaster will prevail eventually.

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