How many planets in the solar system, or demoted Pluto

26 Apr

planetsThe sensational decision was taken on Aug. 25, 2006 2,5 thousand participants of the Congress of the International Astronomical Union. Millions of books on astronomy, the sky thousands of maps, hundreds of scientific papers will be rewritten. Pluto is now removed from the list of planets in the solar system. The International Astronomical Union ten days of debate deprived the most mysterious objects of the solar system status, which he had only 76 years.

And he did not orbit the circle, and ellipse, and so he is very small, so it is not in the same list with such as the Earth and with such giants like Jupiter.
“He has a different density and size small. It can not be attributed either to the terrestrial planets, nor the giant planets, planetary satellites, and it is not,” – says Vladislav Shevchenko, a professor of Moscow State University.

Conference in Prague left on star maps of all eight planets, instead of the usual nine. Since 1930, when Pluto was discovered, astronomers have found a space for at least another three sites, comparable with the size and weight – Charon, Ceres and Xena. Pluto is smaller than the Earth six times, Charon, its moon, at ten. And Xena more of the Pluto. Maybe this is all the planets? Yes, and then hurt the name of the Moon “satellite” undeserved. With its dimensions of any of the candidates for planetary status can not be compared to.

“If we say that Pluto – a planet, then we have this class attribute is not one, but already at the first few planets. And then the solar system should be composed not of the nine planets, and of 12 and later – 20-30, and even hundreds of planets. Therefore, the decision is correct. And the cultural right, and from a physical point of view, correct “, – says Andrey Finkelstein, director of the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

But astrophysicists protest. If you classify objects by size and type of orbit, then any formless, but very large celestial body that revolves around the sun, too, pretender to the title of the planet. Earth, astronomers say opponents, is an area created by gravity.
“Just the size of nothing said. If the body is loose, even the smallest it can be sustained only by gravity and will have a round shape. That is a small body could be a planet”, – says Vladimir Lipunov, an astrophysicist and professor of the Moscow State University.

Pluto has always been the least studied planet. Only, where the atmosphere appears only when a cosmic body suits to the sun – the heat is melting the ice. But they are again dragging Pluto, once it is removed from the light.
Now, in frustration to U.S. researchers. Moreover, the U.S. belongs to the opening of 1930, so also the status of the greatest expeditions has sent a probe New Horizons in jeopardy. After nine years the Earth was supposed to see pictures of the most distant planet from us, but will only photo asteroid.

So, the Earth will the lists crossed very mysterious planet in the solar system. Pluto is beautiful, it is very correct ball, reflecting the sunlight of a few hundred times brighter than the moon. In motions it – she degree: one year on Pluto – 248 of ours. Finally, Pluto is so far from the Sun, that heavenly body with its orbit – only a point. Hence the cold – minus 223 degrees Celsius. For the mystery reason enough! Since the discovery of the planet in less than a hundred years. (Hence, in the ancient astrological predictions Pluto is not considered.) Yes, and opening it, not just sort out what it is. At first thought it far more than has been proved, and vuchebnikah called the nine planets, even though its orbit moves so that it sometimes appears, and the eighth planet from the sun! And its long considered a double planet, yet found that Charon, its moon, has no atmosphere.

But the debate over Pluto’s led to the adoption (this is 400 years after Galileo was sent to the stars first telescope) the following definition: the planets are only celestial body orbiting the sun with sufficient gravity to have a shape close to the field and has its orbit alone.

But not to worry about, because nothing is changing. Pluto, at least, remains at its original location.

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