Found a new type of dinosaur

21 Apr

dinosaurPaleontologists have discovered in Texas, a previously unknown species of dinosaurs. The article appeared in the scientific journal Cretaceous Research, and its summary is provided in a press release from Yale University.

New species found 80-90 million years ago, was named Texacephale langstoni. The size of T. langstoni not exceeds modern dogs and ate plant foods. In total, scientists have found fragments of two skulls.

Researchers believe that T. langstoni belongs to the family pahitsefalozavrov. These lizards differed thick cranial vault – the males of these dinosaurs faced head during breeding season.

According to scientists, the new results show that the dinosaurs in the territory of modern North America were inhabited by small groups, which rarely overlap with each other. This is indicated, in particular, the differences of species, whose remains are found in the north and south of the continent.

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