As the Egyptians were building pyramids?

06 Apr

pyramidsScientists have suggested that the Egyptians built their pyramids are not natural stone, dragging with the participation of tens of thousands of giant stone blocks to the construction site, but from an artificially produced material.

This hypothesis is based on the results of chemical analysis of samples of stones, which went to the construction of the three pyramids, reportedly

Scientists think that initially crushed limestone, and then prepared from a mortar and poured it together with a special binder in the wooden formwork. This method, of course, less time-consuming and required much less than the number of workers than when laying and fitting natural stone blocks.

The new hypothesis can reply and for such long-standing question: how the ancient builders managed to so accurately fit giant stone blocks, which between them can not squeeze even a razor blade.

In accordance with the proposed technology, the sidewall is molded blocks can be used as formwork for casting between the new block that nearly excludes the formation of the space between them.

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