Approaching Ice Age

22 Apr

Ice, AgeVulcan minute throws in the upper (now and in the bottom) layers of the atmosphere thousands of tons of ash. Further, this ash, according to the season (so far) winds gradually spread to the upper layers. And even if we do not see the finely divided ash hanging over us, it does not mean that it is not there. And to dangle in the air, it will be several more years, gradually settling down and dispersed by wind.
The overall decline in temperature in the northern hemisphere can be quite small – if only to consider solar radiation.

But the most dangerous consequences await us not because of the lack of a per cent of solar radiation, to which we are so accustomed, and which were so happy after a long winter. It is most likely that a significant portion of the ashes settle in the high latitudes – the polar ice, including Greenland. As a result of sharply increased melting of northern ice cap world. Cold fresh water is melting glaciers ban (stop) the warm Gulf Stream – warmer Europe. Next winter will be much colder in the previous one, this is the most likely scenario. Consequently, European countries will be forced to buy fuel in much larger quantities than before, according to my forecasts, gas demand will grow by 20-30 percent. European countries pay nothing, alas. And earlier by Euro-globalization of the economy of their essential to one’s guns, now, after the crisis, and volcanic stop air travel – will be all sad at all.

And do not think that affected not only the passengers who arrived anywhere – all will suffer. Already, because of the difficulties the airline stopped largest carmakers in Japan and Germany. Virtually stopped the supply of flowers, and all that is somehow related to air travel. Huge losses in the tourism industry.

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