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13 Apr

Amazing, TalesAlready more than half a portal and forum of the Academy of Miracles “took a surprising place in the life of many women. And even men … And they, men do not cease to surprise themselves – is that true?

Yes, this is so. Since every person – whether he is a man or a woman trying to find their harmony with nature .

Tender spring days are now upon us, and it seems like spring – it is a fabulous train, which quickly carries us into summer.
Spring – one of the most breathtaking and unique times of the year, but, unfortunately, and it passes very quickly.

Our kids love to play in the yard, my grandmother-old woman crawled out and sit in serried ranks on the unpainted more benches. All rejoice in the spring, as if beginning a new life.

In the sometimes strange, but convenient technocratic world is very easy to overlook the natural rhythm of nature and life as it created the Creator. We are all sorely lacking simplicity. But the difficulties we are creating a plenty.

Our attentive fathers appreciated any time of year and knew what needed spring and autumn, winter and summer …

On the origin of the first summer month of June (Cherven) discuss scientists around the world. Some believe that the name promoted massive bloom of flowers , particularly poppies and peonies.

Others claim that the name went from zarumyanennyh strawberries and cherries, which are just beginning to ripen.
Some people tend to think that the origin of the term comes from the fact that from 20 to 22 June by a period of highest solstice, when the day is twice the night.
Rights and scientists who explain the title of an increase in the number of garden and garden worms and caterpillars.
Baseless concerns and researchers of traditional beekeeping. They believe that his name was a month from that in June of queen bee larvae begin to actively put off – breed worms.

But the most natural is that the name derives from cherventsa.
It was in June and appears cochineal insect, intensively accumulating moisture in their body.. From it once did a unique dye. The paint was valued primarily for the rich color and practical quality.

Chervlenskaya paint does not fade in the sun and washed with water. This dye kolorirovali even wool, weaving and women’s powder. But most of all used it to paint the military banners, in particular, Cossack flags.

End of June (chervnya) often coincides with the Peter Post. It was the best period of bleaching linen on the banks of rivers and lakes. With the beginning of the Peter and Paul, and coincided with the spring festival of farewell.

And in our time with June (Cherven) related interesting ceremonies. Rangers announce its annual month of silence – the birds and animals just deduce their offspring. No chance for these period accounted international days of child protection and wound environment.

June (Cserveny), therefore, not only summer rosy, it divides the half-yearly cycle. From that and call it even and noon, and the firstborn or blush of summer.

Come to our portal “Academy of Miracles” and you lose track of time .. Here is everything you need everyone to not simply enjoy the glitter paste, and strengthen the bright lights in his soul and find harmony with nature and yourself.

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