New look at the biological time

biological, timeScientists have proposed a new fresh look at the biological time – it turned out that for many problems being conveniently presented not as the axis, and in the form of two-dimensional surface in three-dimensional space.

The new approach being presented in the form of two-dimensional surface defined as follows. There is a central axis, which is the usual time. Along this axis “goes” perpendicular vector, rotating with a large period of 24 hours, to which are added during processes such as breathing and heartbeat.
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Under Russia and China is melted earth core

earth ,coreScientists have discovered that Earth’s core is still actively changing its shape. In the eastern hemisphere – by Russia and China, it melts in the west – it solidifies.

According to the calculations, which held the French geophysics, core of the planet are not nearly as stable as previously thought, says melting and crystallization are still going on and they are responsible for the fact that the nuclear shape is not symmetrical.
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Scientists did not reveal all the secrets of a mummy “Altai Princess”

Altai ,PrincessScientists for 17 years, studies have not been able to uncover all the secrets connected with the Altaic mummy, told RIA Novosti famous archaeologist, deputy director of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Siberian Branch of RAS, Academician Vyacheslav Molodin.

The mummy of a young woman, which is more than 2,5 thousand years old, was found by an expedition of the Novosibirsk archeologist Natalya Polosmak in 1993 in a burial mound of a Scythian time Ukok plateau in the Altai region, near the border with Mongolia.
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Scientists have discovered new Antarctic

Scientists have discovered new Antarctic Circumpolar Current, which carries cold water to the equatorial latitudes. Article researchers published in the journal Nature Geoscience, wrote briefly on portal Nature News.

The study using instrumental observations were able to establish “boundaries” and flow characteristics. The flow is formed during the melting of glaciers: water flows into the Ross Sea, and flows into the ocean along the coast of Adelie. The flow moves along the coast of Antarctica to the east until it reaches the Kerguelen Plateau, located under water. Here, under the influence of Coriolis forces arising from the rotation of the Earth, the water goes around the eastern edge of the plateau and is thrown into the ocean by a narrow – wide, about 50 kilometers – the flow.
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Icelandic volcanic activity threatens new Flood

Icelandic, volcanicDuring volcanic eruptions in Iceland can start a flood that threatens to escalate into a new Flood, said researcher Museum of Geosciences, Moscow State University Nikolai Zharvin at a press conference on the anomalous activity of the volcano. As a result, according to him will be flooded the entire coast for hundreds and thousands of miles and jeopardizing Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, writes Reuters.

“When the melting of Greenland glaciers reaches the critical level, Icelandic clip can be everywhere at once. Then the North American lithospheric plates will rush up and Eurasian – down. Form a huge failure, which rain down water and gets into the noosphere, heated to 1000 degrees Celsius. Clap blast, after which the planet at zero visibility, “- said the scientist.
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Last Secret of the Chernobyl disaster

Chernobyl, disasterDuring the time that has elapsed since the Chernobyl disaster, appeared more than 110 versions of its causes. One of them – about “extrasensory effects of aliens on the brain duty shift” – seemed the most fantastic. But as it turned out, the intuition of the author as though he suggested that such a grand catastrophe could happen only because of intervention “gods”. However, where they are and how to intervene in this version was unclear.

The disaster was imminent

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How will global warming?

No one denies that the planet has come the global warming. Scientists project that in the coming years, sea levels will rise by 1.5 meters. But the forecast for the coming years. And what happens if the melting glaciers will avalanche? The development of such a situation can occur, of course, in the coming years, and during the following centuries, when will live our great-great-great-grandchildren.

The Institute of Computational Mathematics held scale, which have no analogues in Russia the study of climate dynamics. The simulation of the dynamics of climate on the planet in the XIX-XXII centuries. Today it is the only Russian mathematical model that takes into account the general circulation of the atmosphere and ocean.
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What is the Earth?

Another way of looking at our planet in light of recent scientific discoveries and theories.

Science has long argued that the Earth is round. But perhaps, humanity has matured to a more careful attention to the ancient postulate that the earth is flat “Apparently, in this statement laid down certain information from its antiquity shrouded in mystery.

What is the plane? On what subject can say that it is flat? The fact that has only two dimensions, that is, an order of magnitude lower than the world in which we live. For us, there are three-dimensional world, two-dimensional world, has long been studied by mathematicians, is flat. But theoretically there could also be one-dimensional world, with respect to which the two-dimensional would not have been “flat.”
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How many planets in the solar system, or demoted Pluto

planetsThe sensational decision was taken on Aug. 25, 2006 2,5 thousand participants of the Congress of the International Astronomical Union. Millions of books on astronomy, the sky thousands of maps, hundreds of scientific papers will be rewritten. Pluto is now removed from the list of planets in the solar system. The International Astronomical Union ten days of debate deprived the most mysterious objects of the solar system status, which he had only 76 years.

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What to do with chain letters?

Few in and beyond is not revealed in the mailboxes of hand-written “letters to the Saints,” “chain letters”, or, at least, have not heard about them. The reaction to these people is different: some emit anonymous messages without reading them, while others diligently perform all contained in these instructions. But almost every person who received such a letter for the first time, as a rule, there are some questions to answer are set out to the author of this article.

Question 1. They sent me chain letters, what is it?
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