The previously unexplored dinosaur

25 Mar

dinosaurUnited States found the remains of the previously unexplored species of dinosaur. As reported Tuesday scholars paleontologists, fragments of dinosaur skeletons were found in a slab of sandstone in Utah.

Discovered bones belong to the dinosaur belonging to a group Sauropoda – four-legged long-necked herbivorous dinosaurs that lived on our planet in the period from the Jurassic to the Cretaceous period, the est105 million years ago. Scientists reported that they were found two skulls at once little-known species Sauropoda.

Paleontologists say that such finds are extremely rare and are a big success for the scientists. Now, thanks to the remains discovered, specialists will be able to draw conclusions about how, in particular, developed teeth Sauropoda, as well as other information about these animals.

The uniqueness of the current findings confirm the fact that out of 120 fragments of skeletons of various Sauropoda that were ever found on Earth, intact skulls were found only eight. Scientists explain this fact that the bones of the skull of the species of dinosaurs were extremely fragile and easily destroyed by any impact

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