The day of happiness and love.

16 Mar

happiness This love story ended in marriage. It is unique. As each love story of their unique. And the wedding was also unique.

They met through ICQ: billions of users, its Andrew highlighted by a nice girl nickname “Eva”. They just started talking, then he rang the bell, and then she invited visit.

Andrew found out that she loves mimosa. . Despite the fact that during the winter mimosa was not found, Eva is still waiting for a bunch of these early spring flowers. And he knew, and made an interesting and unusual move: instead of flowers mimosa – gave candy “Mimoza”. She is crazy like, so much so that colors perehotelos.

They walked across the cold Avenue and talked … and that it turned out that their job is the same address. You already guessed that the young people began to meet frequently, go out, and have dinner together. Six months later they decided to live together. Andrei made a proposal of his beautiful halves on the last day of their joint holiday. It was a fabulous warm evening, the waves softly broke on coastal shingle … He gave her a magic ring with aquamarine. She had picked him until he found the Internet phrase beautiful wedding jewelry here.
“He told her that he wanted to make it always was with him, that they were together. And then he began on his knee and gave a delightful aquamarine ring. For her it was a shock, tears flowed from his eyes … They were so happy – circling, hugging and kissing! I do not know what they thought surrounding”

You, too, decided to get married?


The question arises. How to decorate your wedding that she was unlike hundreds of other similar events? How to make it unique and unrepeatable, both solemn and cheerful?

Only in “Nasty Paradise” – a design of your wedding is not like all of your friends. Here you can find bridal accessories handmade unlimited unikalizatsii, wedding book or album for the wishes, decorations and champagne glasses, wedding invitations, pads for rings trunk for money. This will help you once again to assert it and prove that the originality and the quest for identity are about you.

Often the concept of wedding accessories include only the bride’s dress and the groom’s tuxedo and accessories to complement – veil, gloves, garters, purses, bridal bouquet, shoes, jewelry.

These numerous add-ons can be purchased at retail and wholesale in various bridal shops and salons, and also the manufacturer of the product mass. But in our opinion, you will not find here a huge range and, consequently, identity.

But in “Anastasia Paradise” on it look wider because the unique design of the wedding is a complex task. Our life consists of trivialities and conventions. This statement is suitable for your wedding, personal and unique.

Accessories at the wedding needed to make the most accurately convey your thoughtful style and make your celebration of many others. Particularly important that this style was common. Believe me. Your relatives and friends will appreciate your all unique details and I will admire your wedding ceremony a month later after it

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