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09 Mar

Cool ,warSenior Researcher, Institute of USA and Canada, specializes in analyzing the U.S. budget, ordinances and laws passed in the administration of American presidents.

By studying these “boring” documents, he found: For more than half a century of America’s power produces a lot of funds from the state budget to study the question of extraterrestrial intelligence and the threats emanating from him.

“Colonel” or “insane”?
Mass awareness of the danger latent in space began with a UFO crash site in New Mexico. Crashed aircraft had no engine, with a crew of four humanoids.

Reports of the incident published July 9, 1947 two of the most respectable U.S. newspapers The New York Times and Washington Post. However, there will be a refutation – the newest version of the flying equipment of the enemy (most likely, the USSR), the inadequacy of witnesses. But all this, according to Vladimir Vaseline – a result which came into effect regime of secrecy.

Debris disks and the bodies of the pilots picked up by the U.S. Air Force and safely put away. Was organized top-secret project “Majestic-12” (the number of experts), whose task was to study and mastery of UFO technology.

Press release about the incident to the news agencies prepared Colonel William Blanchard. Later, skeptics began to accuse him of adventurism and penchant for fantasy. However, Blanchard was the commander of the third bomber, carrying an atomic bomb for Japanese cities. That is, the military, invested with the supreme confidence of the authorities. Rozuellskaya airbase, the first time named a colonel for the media, was very high in the country and the only one where there were the bombers with nuclear weapons on board. Therefore, even if we assume that crashed disk let – the latest development of the United States, and the message about his accident in the newspapers – it is impossible for Colonel disclosure of top secret mystery why he did not get court-martialed, and completed the career “four star” general? So, nothing at odds with the position of the U.S. leadership at the time the officer did not commit.

Why the incident was discussed in the media? According to Russia’s investigator, only because of the fact that a short, humanoid with a narrow-eyed from a distance looked like the Japanese, whose attack on the U.S. fleet has occurred in just 6 years before the events described. Syndrome of the military action – Pearl Harbor was still in memory.

The Americans have repeatedly changed their strategy to do with rozuellskomu incident: that the secret of his – as Eisenhower and Nixon, the leaking of information – as in the Johnson and Reagan. Only in the years of his presidency, the problem of the threat from space, first heard from the lips of the first person: speaking in 1987 at the 42 nd UN General Assembly session, he spoke a few sentences about the danger of alien invasion.

Incidents – “colleagues”
From the memoirs of President Truman that in the Arctic, there were strange and even mysterious event. Analysis of innuendos and information leaks allowed Vaile conclude that the December 6, 1950 in the north-eastern United States was hit by a UFO, so that the Americans were preparing for war with aliens. Truman even declared a state of emergency (by the way, formally still not canceled). It would seem that the cause of such a deed the head of state could be the beginning of the war in Korea. However, analysis of military-political situation of that time did not confirm this version.

Americans frightened study data that crashed UFOs: their aircraft was made specifically to work near the Earth – in the light of temperature, pressure, atmospheric parameters and other indicators of our planet.

Vladimir Sergeyevich have reason to believe that in the early 80’s aliens demanded that the U.S. leadership to return the UFO wreckage and the bodies of the pilots. It is possible that they loaded the protection of secret hangar in hypnosis.

Perhaps, therefore, in the 80’s was formulated the idea of “Star Wars” missile defense project started to be developed, directed, as is proved by Vladimir Vaseline, not against the Soviet Union, but against a possible threat from outer space. The whole history of the Cold War in accordance with this concept is different: the U.S. has always insured against a sudden attack from outer space, but not from the Earth.

By the way: In 2005, Clinton, already a former president of the United States, said the following: “This place in Nevada (where he kept the UFO wreckage and bodies of the pilots. – Auth.) Was actually a serious subject, and there really were alien artifacts origin.

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