The ancestor of T. rex lived in Australia

Tyrannosaur ancestor of Tyrannosaurus rex, the most famous of the dinosaurs, lived in Australia about 110 million years ago and the size slightly superior man, British and Australian paleontologists in an article published in the journal Science.

T. Rex Bones previously found only in the northern hemisphere, and for some time it was thought that these predators do not hit the southern continents. But then in the south found the bones of other traditionally “northern” species of dinosaurs, and the absence of traces of T. rex in Africa, South America and Australia became increasingly suspicious, writes RIA Novato.

Dr. Roger Benson (Roger Benson) from Cambridge University and his colleagues found during excavations at Dinosaur Cove in Victoria (Australia), pelvic bone, a length of about 30 centimeters, which, they say, belongs to a new kind of tyrannosaur, NMV P186069, who lived for 40 million years before Tyrannosaurus rex. As the authors write, the bone is similar to a stick with two ends of the expanding, one of which is flat, this side of the bone was attached to the thigh, and the second is like a shoe. Dr. Benson noted that a fragment of the remains could belong only to the T. rex, because this kind of special pelvic bones.

New species of NMV P186069 lived in the Cretaceous Period, when Australia, Antarctica, Africa and South America had separated from the northern continents, but have not yet separated from each other. “Southern” Tyrannosaurus weighed about 80 kilograms, and at length reached about three meters. It really makes it a little comparison with Tyrannosaurus rex, a 12-meter long predator vesivshim up to four tons. Now, according to researchers, science has to answer to another question: if tyrannosaur and lived in the north and south, it is unclear why the giant predators they have evolved only in the territories of the northern hemisphere.

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