Secret of the Universe. What are the universe and the world order?

Secret , UniverseAll the inhabitants of Earth are with the coalition detachment observation. KOH is not our enemy with several conditions, if we, if not smarter than them, they should at least aspire to.

Do not go on a leash when you are using. In the old saying “Seven times measure, one otrezh.”

When people are not a herd of sheep or a pack of wolves, and the development of individual personalities, or at least will be to achieve this.

Coalition detachment Observations in principle is not. He is very actively involved in the life of the planet is from 1% to 10% of the population. Really KOH are tacit masters of the planet.

And the spaceship disguised under the satellites of the planets and asteroids will not bring harm to themselves if people will not provoke them, to unwanted actions. Perhaps there are even no people or aliens.

But that they are no less dangerous. In principle, they have artificial intelligence. And most of all, the program of action. Another thing when people in these actions provoke KOH, and people are not even aware of the danger.

KOH actively influence, as politics, science, religion, information, and other aspects of civilization.
Who uses its own purposes? At a low level of civilization and self-KOH methods can match the level of civilization, or to adjust to this level.

People need to consciously bring into balance the number of people, civilization and nature. Otherwise the existence of civilization is in question?

Since other resources you will not. Learn how to save. Now half of the resources used in the blank. Learn how to build other cities, greater use of the eternal sources of energy…

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