On Roads The Geopathogenic Zones

01 Mar

The most dangerous route in the Ukraine is the Crimean track where each year a huge number of accidents, moreover, as a rule, on certain sections of the route. The case, which still recall in the Crimea, came on one of these dangerous accidents sites on the Crimean route, minibus Opal driving on the road is absolutely flat broke down the “serpentine”. By unknown reasons the driver of the minibus lost control of the management. Of all the passengers, who were in the cabin of the minibus, miraculously managed to survive only two.

Typically, such mystical story not everyone can be trusted and tell, as very often people perceive such stories as stupid invention, not believing the teller, but in the bargain, and his temple with his finger twisted. However, quite the opposite is seen news Told from the TV screen. The media is you can often see or hear in the news and even in special prepared projects, mystical incidents occurring on the roads.

For example, here in the recent time resident of the Razing region said case, which happened to him on the track. Returning late from the village of their parents in a car Mercedes, young man noticed the girl who suddenly appeared on road, she stood and gazed at the approaching car, but not even attempted to escape. The young man was frightened, to an abrupt halt, but when he came out of the car, no girl he saw. Not strange? Around the only steppe, and until the settlement is sufficient away.

But what is most interesting, the same thing happened with the driver the car Peugeot, returning from a trip. At first the man thought that Perhaps it’s fatigue he had imagined, because the wheel had almost 9 hours, but when previous history was distributed drivers, it turned out that after all he was right, and on the road actually saw a girl who abruptly appeared on the road and just abruptly disappeared.

Many road accidents occur due to geopathogenic zones. Such zone is on certain sections of trails and literally every third the driver can confirm this. Entering into geotactic zone, man for a moment loses control of management, possible sudden outbreak of a headache and at the same time feeling the turbidity in the head literally a few seconds. That’s precisely at these moments and is many accidents.

These energy vortexes on tracks called accursed place record the highest number of accidents with fatalities.

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