On Earth, there were other people

29 Mar

The principal conclusion, which was made by us on the results of excavations, the following: culture sapiens, ie modern type of man, formed on the territory of Altai autochthonous, – he said. – This refutes the theory that not only the first man came from Africa, but from the same place and all Homo sapiens.

Academician-secretary of the Department of History, Philology Sciences commented thus reported that recently famous specialists of the German Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have found: the structure of DNA in humans, discovered by archaeologists Denisovskaya cave, 50 percent of the genetic code is different from living sapiens. Altai hominids are genetically farther from us than even the famous Neanderthal:

its genome is 385 different from ours, whereas with Neanderthals have only shared the 202 figure. “These results exceeded all expectations. It seems too fantastic to be true, – said director of evolutionary genetics at the Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Max Planck Santa Paabo. – It apparently is a new form of a man who has not previously been known to world science.

So far, the new man named “Dennis” – on behalf of the cave in the Altai, which was discovered a fragment of the skeleton. More precisely, it was part of a finger of the child five to seven years, which archaeologists have found Russia in 2008. Child saw the light about 44 thousand years ago.

Archaeological materials absolutely reliably confirm the identity of the ancient cultures in the region, said Anatoly Derevianko, under the leadership and with the participation of which 30 years are being excavated in the Altai. “There was not enough only results that are directly related to the man himself – told the scientist. – And finally in the last year was found phalanx of ancient hominid, which was investigated and the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Professor Paabo and his colleagues. The results of DNA typing confirmed: the Altai settled with a new point of view of anthropology and human genetics.

However, the types or, in scientific language, keys of this hominid can speak with some reservations, said academician Derevianko. “This is, in principle, Homo sapiens, ie modern type of man, – he said. – Just that he – not a descendant of the sapiens that came out of Africa.

Meanwhile, according to modern genetics is in Africa about 80 thousand years ago, an “primordial Adam, the descendants of which are all members of the present human race. Thus, Homo Atlantis “, as in the words of Anatoly Derevianko named the new hominid; we have a common ancestor no. More precisely, once he was, and was called Homo erectus, but we and the Altai people descended from its various branches, has long been settled on the planet, considers historian. Perhaps it was and more: its place in the taxonomy of hominids waiting and the famous “Hobbit” from the Indonesian island of Flores – prehistoric man stunted growth.

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