Large Hadron Collider is running again

02 Mar

Large ,Hadron ,ColliderThe biggest Hadron Collider in the history of elementary particle accelerator, the newly launched after technical stop before the new year, reported on Sunday at the site of the journal Summetru.

On Saturday, the first in 2010, protons were introduced in the 27-mile accelerator ring and passed it in both sides.

While the beams of protons circulating in the energy of the previous stage of the accelerator – the proton supersinhrotrona SBS – 450 GeV. However, in the next few weeks, scientists expect to bring the energy of the particles up to 3,5 teraelectronvolt.

Collider is in France and Switzerland, and belongs to the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The accelerator is designed to obtain fundamentally new data on the nature of matter and the fundamental physical laws.

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