Horrible Collider on full Power capacity

02 Mar

Horrible ,ColliderPower has earned the Large Hadron Collider, located on the 100-meter depth on the French-Swiss border.

It aims to recreate the conditions after the Big Bang that spawned our universe. The first beams of protons began to circulate on the 27-kilometer tunnel in both directions at 05.10 on Kiev time. Every day, scientists increase the speed of moving through a tunnel of protons and soon want to have energy for 3,5 teraelectronvolt, which exceeds all previously installed achievements, including progress made in the LHC on 14 December, when scientists recorded 50 thousand collisions at energies 2.36 teraelectronvolt.

Scientists hope that in 2011 they can disperse the beams up to speed, almost corresponding to the speed of light – to 7 teraelectronvolt. Then it should appear while existing only in theory “Higgs boson” – “God particle”, which supposedly created the universe. But skeptics believe that together with the “Higgs boson” will appear and “black hole”, which eventually engulf the Earth.

“In any experiment can be unexpected results. But it is doubtful whether there is a danger that it will be “black hole”. In today’s global science has reached such a level that can calculate such a threat, but it is not found “, – told the” Today “Valentin Chebanov from Kharkov Institute for Single Crystals, whose department was involved in building the apparatus for analyzing the data from the LHC.

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