Fantastic paper airplanes.

Fantastic ,paper ,airplanesLove – the feeling of flight … As children we first began to fold paper airplanes at the school, and then a wave of his hands to run it in free flight in the class in class … Then we took another paper airplane in order to torment our teachers in the classroom.
In fact, we hope to have this on the radio control airplanes, which were the embodiment of our deepest desires..

Then we grew up, consulted and decided that it is possible to create not only a paper airplane and try to construct a model paper craft for that. to show an enthusiastic classmates and parents stunts, “such as loops and much more.

First flight of items of paper, which is likely kites that were flown in China over 2000 years ago. The first mention of the paper airplanes in the U.S., when Jack Northrop used paper airplane gliders in the early 1930’s to assist in the development of the wings for some of the early airplanes.
Nevertheless, there were many experiments with aircraft in Europe before the Wright brothers flew their Flyer in 1903. Paper Airplane models were used in early 1900 as a general method to study flight characteristics of the wing.

DeVinci mentioned in his writings, to build a model airplane out of parchment. Later, the English engineer George Knightly identified four aerodynamic forces of flight – lift, drag, weight and traction, and often called the father of aerodynamics. He lived from 1773 to 1857, and also developed the first successful glider to carry a man to be on top.

Which brings us to the inventor of paper planes White wings Dr. Y. Ninomiya. At the first International Paper Airplane Competition in San Francisco in 1967, his aircraft White wings paper won first place as the distance and flight time in the air.

This led to the development of the heritage series White wings airframes paper and the reputation of the best paper airplanes in the world.

Paper airplanes were everywhere when I was a child, and the age of flight exploration was in full swing. Paper model aircraft flying around the classroom, down the corridors of the school, and many papers airframe can be seen around our house.

Today, a paper airplane models are an excellent gift for children. These paper airplanes for kids to teach them coordination, patience, aerodynamics and flight characteristics.

Later, the children found rubber bands, which were first used to bundle newspapers and letters together, but were great launchers for paper gliders. Using a paper clip on the nose, pulled out a rubber band way back, and you could start a model paper airplane that could fly long distances or perform aerobatics.

Toy manufacturers quickly discovered that they can develop a rubber band powered airplanes of paper, and then model airplanes made of foam with screws powered by a strong rubber bands. This airplane kits rubber band became very popular, and we offer a wide choice of aircraft tires on this site.

With the invention of foam was possible to make foam airplanes, as well as the use of foam rubber to build a group of aircraft as well. Unique projects, like a spaceship, Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornet, and much more became possible, exciting young people of all ages and teaching of fine art model airplanes settings for maximum efficiency.

Another great way for children to learn about paper airplanes is to get a book full of different models of aircraft to do. Again, you can find a large selection of aircraft.

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