Discovered a Snake eating Dinosaur

04 Mar

Discovered the remains unique in India, snakes and a baby dinosaur. Analysis of the fossils showed that the snake and a small Sauropoda were buried under a layer of sand at a time when the snake was going to eat a dinosaur.

Discovery is described in an article in the journal PLoS ONE. Brief paper wrote New Scientist.

Ancient skeletons were found in the breed, the age of about 65 million years (that is, it belongs to the Upper Cretaceous period). Calves dinosaur, scientists believe, belonged to Sauropoda – a giant dinosaur, walk on four legs. Searched researchers Sauropoda just hatched from an egg, and the length of his body did not exceed 50 centimeters.

The length of the snake was about 3.5 meters. The authors attributed it to a previously unknown genus and species Sanajeh indicus. Near the remains of snakes and Sauropoda was found whole egg of a giant lizard. Researchers believe that S. indicus crawled into the hole, where there was a clutch Sauropoda. As the next discovery was found fossilized traces Sauropoda adults, the authors decided that the clutch is not guarded by the parents. At a time when the snake was going to eat a baby, and eggs, the ceiling collapsed burrows.

Finds like this are very rare. They seem to imprint certain moments in the life of the ancient inhabitants of the Earth, allowing scientists to learn much new information. Slightly less than a year ago in Peru, paleontologists have found yet another interesting “stop-frame”: scientists have discovered the remains of the body of the whale stuck in it a giant white shark tooth.

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