Collider has made the discovery on the verge of physics and philosophy

physics and philosophyIn New York, an international team of scientists has documented the existence of “strange antimatter. While the nuclei of atoms are composed of protons and neutrons, “a strange anti-matter” is built from antiprotons and antineutron. Physicists think about what happened in the first millisecond after the Big Bang, write NEWS

Tiny particles called “core strange antimatter”, 500 scientists from dozens of countries were looking for 10 years. This finding from another world – this, that even in science fiction films do not see, though recorded discovery of 3D cameras. The researchers discerned a grain Antivselennoy.

Small Collider in New York called the relativistic; it accelerates particles up to 300 thousand kilometers per second. But before scientists have exclaimed “Eureka”, the gold ions encountered hundreds of millions of times. In science, always so big news is prepared for years.

Collision of ions head-on leads to such temperatures, the sun is compared to them seems potted coils. Collider Brookhaven Lab 4 trillion degrees recorded, it is universal record! Sun in 250 thousand times colder.

“We are trying to reproduce the state of the universe in a few milliseconds after the Big Bang. Then we can understand how particles materialized “- says Hank Crawford, head of the board of the scientific community” Star “.

Newborn after the Big Bang universe, scientists likened to a kind of soup. Now they are trying to figure out how primordial mass turned into everything that surrounds us.

“Sometimes we do not think that in a fully symmetrical and perfect universe for us simply do not have a place. If the early universe produced the same amount of matter and antimatter annihilation would take place and the universe consisted only of radiation “- said Dmitry Harzeev, researcher at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, a member of the scientific community” Star “.

Why this did not happen? As has violated the universal symmetry? Why do people, mountains and oceans are composed of matter and not taken from its mirror image – antimatter. Where has it gone?

A closer, because “strange antimatter nucleus, containing the previously unheard of” strange quarks “- this is the hardest piece of the anti-world, out of which would consist of ours. Matter and antimatter are very similar in properties.

“If it were able to repeat the big bang again, maybe we were made up of antimatter, and surprised mystical properties of matter”, – says Dmitry Harzeev.

Mysticism in the fact that antimatter is not only extremely difficult to find, but impossible to sustain. We Antivselennaya Universe and at the meeting behave aggressively.

“Simply place the allocation of the electromagnetic nuclear energy”, – says Alexei Lebedev, researcher Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Near the collider just in case affixed radioactive danger around – thick concrete walls. Nuclear explosions, even nano-sized – it is routine work of the accelerator and scientists. Each one of them, including about 60 researchers are now co-discoverer of universal scale with a broad perspective.

“There is a hypothesis that antimatter could be used as an energy source, possibly through thousands of years. But while we are not sure of this “- sums up Hank Crawford.

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