The era of computers : 2029

Futurologists to estimate how dangerous it is to create artificial intelligence, superior to man.
Own hands
Scientists have begun to scare people with artificial brains of about 50 years ago. Then the famous British statistician John Irving Gould predicted that immediately after the construction of “sverhrazumnoy cars … certainly follow” smart bombing “and the human mind far lag behind the artificial … Thus, the first sverhrazumnaya machine will be the last invention that fall to the share rights, with provided that the machine will be humble enough and tell us how to keep it under control, “ wrote
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What can nano technology

Nano technology now in vogue. Popular mind, ascribes to them a fabulous opportunity to use virtually all spheres, including in the home. Surprisingly, this is not an exaggeration. On the properties of nano particles is still very little known. Their study – the subject of hard work of huge collectives and individual scientists. But on the other hand, I know a lot of “blonde” on the device of internal combustion engine? A car goes …
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In the Moscow found the remains of an extraterrestrial probe

Strange stone excavated from the crater next to the river Istra, all strewn with mysterious signs.
Aeronautical engineer, worked for many years in KB Vympel, Ph.D. Sergey Sukhinov was determined. Considered an object, fallen into his hands, “gift from heaven”, “finding the Millennium”. And no doubt that we are extremely lucky. Since it is in Russia found a probe sent to Earth by aliens.
– To study the cosmic artifact should establish an international commission headed by Academician Jaures Alferov and Professor Sergei Kapitsa. It must enter the leading national and foreign experts on paleokontaktam, UFOs and ancient civilizations of Earth. If the commission will start working now, then by 2012 will be able to confirm that the brothers in mind there. Such clear evidence anybody no more, – intrigued by telephone the owner of the mysterious object.
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On Earth, there were other people

The principal conclusion, which was made by us on the results of excavations, the following: culture sapiens, ie modern type of man, formed on the territory of Altai autochthonous, – he said. – This refutes the theory that not only the first man came from Africa, but from the same place and all Homo sapiens.

Academician-secretary of the Department of History, Philology Sciences commented thus reported that recently famous specialists of the German Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have found: the structure of DNA in humans, discovered by archaeologists Denisovskaya cave, 50 percent of the genetic code is different from living sapiens. Altai hominids are genetically farther from us than even the famous Neanderthal:
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Collider has made the discovery on the verge of physics and philosophy

physics and philosophyIn New York, an international team of scientists has documented the existence of “strange antimatter. While the nuclei of atoms are composed of protons and neutrons, “a strange anti-matter” is built from antiprotons and antineutron. Physicists think about what happened in the first millisecond after the Big Bang, write NEWS

Tiny particles called “core strange antimatter”, 500 scientists from dozens of countries were looking for 10 years. This finding from another world – this, that even in science fiction films do not see, though recorded discovery of 3D cameras. The researchers discerned a grain Antivselennoy.
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The ancestor of T. rex lived in Australia

Tyrannosaur ancestor of Tyrannosaurus rex, the most famous of the dinosaurs, lived in Australia about 110 million years ago and the size slightly superior man, British and Australian paleontologists in an article published in the journal Science.

T. Rex Bones previously found only in the northern hemisphere, and for some time it was thought that these predators do not hit the southern continents. But then in the south found the bones of other traditionally “northern” species of dinosaurs, and the absence of traces of T. rex in Africa, South America and Australia became increasingly suspicious, writes RIA Novato.
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Burned data center company

Today a number of blogglers to publish materials about the burned data center company A huge number of interesting projects now stopped working, and some may not return. Who turned off the fire extinguishing system?
I think this is the case of the 18 th century, today this simply should not happen. Huge money now swirling in the field of information storage, that’s just as it turned out not everyone, can justify the investment.
Among the missing blog and got an interesting blog Sergey Biryukov Even if you restore the information, what will happen to their positions in the SAR?
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Fantastic paper airplanes.

Fantastic ,paper ,airplanesLove – the feeling of flight … As children we first began to fold paper airplanes at the school, and then a wave of his hands to run it in free flight in the class in class … Then we took another paper airplane in order to torment our teachers in the classroom.
In fact, we hope to have this on the radio control airplanes, which were the embodiment of our deepest desires..

Then we grew up, consulted and decided that it is possible to create not only a paper airplane and try to construct a model paper craft for that. to show an enthusiastic classmates and parents stunts, “such as loops and much more.
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Secret of the Universe. What are the universe and the world order?

Secret , UniverseAll the inhabitants of Earth are with the coalition detachment observation. KOH is not our enemy with several conditions, if we, if not smarter than them, they should at least aspire to.

Do not go on a leash when you are using. In the old saying “Seven times measure, one otrezh.”

When people are not a herd of sheep or a pack of wolves, and the development of individual personalities, or at least will be to achieve this.

Coalition detachment Observations in principle is not. He is very actively involved in the life of the planet is from 1% to 10% of the population. Really KOH are tacit masters of the planet.
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Earth Hour

This year’s Global Action “Earth Hour” will be held on Saturday March 27. During this action c 20:30 to 21:30 local time, people around the world for 1 hour switch off lights and other electrical equipment.

With this symbolic action of every person anywhere in the world will be able to demonstrate their concern about climate change and “vote” for a healthy planet. In Belarus, Earth Hour is supported by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, community, environmental organizations, initiatives, experts and activists of the “Green Network”.
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