The huge footprint in the history of mankind

mankind One can endlessly argue on the reliability of this picture, one thing is clear – the orthodox science of humankind is to review the causes and theories of our civilization.

It should be said that the world prior to the flood, is radically different from today. Natural conditions to ensure the existence of giant plants and animals.

The atmosphere of the ancient world, contained 50% more oxygen than at present (this fact was discovered in the study of amber with the “mothballed” bubbles). People living in such conditions, of course, could have significant growth. If there were facts that go beyond natural events, in these conditions could appear real giants.

Returning to the Old Testament, I want to note repeatedly referred to an extinct people of giants (giants), one of whose descendants was the king of Oz (his bed had a length of 4m.). King David of Israel fought with the three-meter giant, horror of all the army and was able to defeat him. This is a real historical figures. What do they say today’s discovery of giant?

Many scientists legends about giant not taken seriously. However, if the same events from different sources indicate, it can not be a coincidence. The traditions of many nations in one form or another speak of the existence in ancient times human giants (3m, 4m, 5m and above).

The ancient Britons believed that the famous Stouhendzh was built by giants with the help of an unknown force (the stones are not transported, and moved in the air, levitiruya). Tibetan City of the Gods, with its kilometer stone pyramids and mirrors, according to Lamas, was built by the “Sons of the Gods” – giant. Norse mythology also says a lot about the giant. Can such a coincidence in the absence of real events?

There is a hypothesis according to which, long before our era, the Earth, in addition to the people of our growth was inhabited by giants, which were much higher than other inhabitants of the planet. At first sight version is more than bold, but remember, there are giants in the myths of various peoples of the world, they are mentioned in the Bible and the Koran. So maybe the giants on the earth really were?

2002, Africa, northeast Nigeria, an American expedition led by paleontologist Paul Serino, member of the University of Chicago found in the sands of huge bones, and it turns out that they belonged to people over a six-foot height, and, as the scientists conclude, the age of these bones 10000 years old. It may indeed be in ancient times human beings lived next to the giants, and the ancient myths and legends – not fiction and are grounded. Famous Russian philosopher Nikolai Fedorov said: “Mythology is not a fable, but the truth, the reality ….”.

But all nations are required legends and myths of giants, most often a vicious creatures with hideous nature and penchant for cannibalism. In Greek mythology, it is, for example, the cyclops Polyphemus, who was blinded by Odysseus. In general, for the ancient Greeks, the Titans, Atlanta, and Cyclops is almost real characters, some of their stories.

According to Greek mythology it was the Titans created the city, taught the people agriculture and handicrafts. And Atlanta even introduce people to astronomy, but because the Greeks believed that Atlanta has supported the sky. This legend is so firmly established in people’s minds that even the facades of palaces and mansions adorned Atlanta supporting the ceilings and balconies. And the myth of the victory of the young generation of gods, the Olympians over the Titans senior, perhaps, tells the very dramatic stage of human development when people triumphed over the giants.

On the giants mentioned in the Bible and the Koran. In the Old Testament, the Book of Genesis, said: “At the time, were giants in the earth, especially with the time when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bare children to them: the strengths of old, nice people …” Further, according to Scripture God saw how corrupt mankind and sent down to Earth deluge.

The Qur’an also giants said that they were above the tallest palm trees. Why are there myths. There is also evidence of historians. This is how the giants one of the most famous historian Josephus (born in 37 AD): “The bodies were enormous, and those are so different from ordinary human persons, which was surprising to see them and hear how they say they fear” .

Preserved image of the giants of pharaohs in Egypt. It is curious that there is such a thing as “sacred cubit”, a measure long enjoyed by the Pharaohs in the days when Egypt was ruled by the gods, ie rulers were high, and the general population was lower, and clothes, again confirms that. Preserved evidence that the clothes for the first pharaohs, most of those giants, measuring “sacred elbow” and in this case, a man’s height would have been more than 2 meters.

Mysterious giants staring intently into the sky on Easter Island, the mystery of them still have not solved. The size of the statues, created by some versions of the sixth century AD, from 3 to 22 meters. They were made of extremely hard stone.

Well-known Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl with a group of enthusiasts tried to test the hypothesis that the establishment of the statues with the help of primitive tools that were available to the ancients, in his view, stone axes and chisels. However, quite an effort experimenters were able to leave on a rock barely noticeable trace. Islanders sure – great monuments erected gods giants, who lived here long before the Incas came here.

In favor of that on Earth once lived giants say and megalithic structures, which are found in many countries of the world. Huge stones, collected in one place, dolmens, huge stone tombs, circular enclosure, like Stonehenge in England and Carnac in France.

The most ancient and amazing megaliths are on the small island of Gozo, near Malta. Ggantija temple was established earlier settlements of the Mayan pyramids and Stonehenge were almost 4 000 BC, ie in Negalita epoch. However, the temples, is the code name of the Maltese megaliths. As stoilis why these buildings? What do the pictures and symbols carved on these walls? These questions his contemporaries, and there is no single answer, perhaps not for nothing that Gozo is considered by the ancient Greek island of giants. Even now there is a perception that Malta is the tip of the famous and mysterious of Atlantis, where if you believe the legend, and lived in Atlanta.

The above is far from complete list of findings, clearly speaks of the reality of the existence of giants. Interestingly, even twenty years ago the official science trying to attach to the evolutionary tree of the giant code-named “Gigantopithecus” (though less exotic size, but allow it to increase to almost 3 meters). At present, the name somehow disappears from the “academic” version … Obviously the next – the history of the ancient world, which today offers the official science does not correspond to reality.

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