Scientists dispelled the myth of the existence of the soul

heartThe phenomenon of “life after death. They tried to give a logical explanation as to why some people survived clinical death, claim that their soul leaves the body. However, many saw the story of his life, visited the tunnel with light at the end, and some even talked with God!

The results showed that all descriptions of “seen” in a state of clinical death is not nothing but a hallucination caused by the withering away of brain cells.

In clinical death, the brain ceases to be supplied with oxygen, and accordingly, the neurons begin to die. During cell death in the brain is changing neural connections that are often accompanied by the appearance of old memories and hallucinations. In other words, a man sees what he wants to see. And who else but God, we want to see in this difficult hour for us?

Also, scientists have uncovered the secret of why many see the tunnel with a bright light at the end. It turned out that this vision comes at the time that when a person loses consciousness. At first, everything begins to darken, and then the picture goes out altogether, leaving only a bright light somewhere in the visible end of the tunnel. Such an effect could feel the pilots of fighter planes during heavy loads, when the blood goes to the legs.

The purpose of research scientists is not a refutation of the existence of God. “We just tried to give logical explanations about what is happening” – said the head of research. And these explanations shed light on many issues of concern to mankind for centuries.

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