Jerusalem, excavated the ancient main street

12 Feb

Israeli archaeologists have discovered an ancient main street of Jerusalem. The report highlights the Israel Antiquities Authority, finding that reaffirmed the accuracy of maps of Jerusalem, the mosaic on the floor of the famous church in Madaba (the territory of modern Jordan).

Madabskaya map of the Holy Land dates from the VI-VII centuries.

Fifteen hundred years ago the street runs from the western entrance to Jerusalem, the former main entrance to the city (at the point where today are Jaffa Gate, built by the Turks in the XVI century), repeating the current direction of David Street – the central east-west artery of the Old City.

Fragments vymostki – flat stones, some of which reach a meter in length – were discovered at a depth of about 4,5 meters. This layer is approximately the V century AD, when the Holy land owned by the Byzantine Empire.

Arehologicheskie excavations near the Jaffa Gate taken in connection with the fact that the Jerusalem authorities intend to undertake a comprehensive repair of roads in the area.

This is not the first archaeological find, confirming the accuracy of Madabskoy maps – maps of the ancient Holy Land. Moreover, archaeologists have made several discoveries, relying primarily on data from this card. It was founded by the Byzantines, for which VI-VII century mosaic was the main mode of fine art. Map laid out on the floor of the St. George Church in Madaba, Jordan town near the border with Israel. Card size – 8 to 16 meters

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