In ancient meteorite found thousands of organic compounds

meteoriteIn part Murchisonskogo meteorite – stone that fell to Earth in 1969 – found 14 thousand organic compounds. Article scientists published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Brief of the portal writes BBC News.

Research Murchisonskogo meteorite, named after the Australian town, near which he had fallen, carried out since the fall. However, until now, scientists have searched in the stone only interested in their connection. The creators of the work carried out large-scale search, which allows to identify a huge number of substances. The main method that is used by scientists, has been mass-spectrometry.

Among the identified organic compounds authors found 70 amino acids – the molecules, some of which are part of the terrestrial proteins. Researchers do not exclude that in the future in the Murchison will be found in hundreds of times more chemical components. Find them all in the course of the study did not allow limitations of the method.

According to expert estimates, the age Murchisonskogo meteorite is approximately 4.65 billion years old. It is believed that the Sun was formed 150 million years later. Scientists theorize that Murchison was flying through the nascent solar system and “gathered” the obligations contained in the substance.

Analysis of the chemical composition of the meteorite Murchisonskogo gave scientists strong evidence of the theory of panspermia. This theory suggests that the important molecules for the origin of life were brought to Earth from space. Such molecules include, for example, nucleic acids. The elementary components of nucleic acids were a few years ago found in Murchison. In 2008, scientists have shown that these compounds are of extraterrestrial origin.

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