Global warming will cause the extinction of entire

Global, warmingScientists said that in the new century, the cause of instability and disappearance of entire nations will be climate change. Polar ice may melt within 60 years, and then, life will change beyond recognition. Sea levels will rise so much that many coastal countries, in which lives a third of the world’s population – will go under the water.

According to the findings of UN experts, the cause of the anomalous warming is the so-called “greenhouse effect”. Seeing this danger, the state in 1997 signed the “Kyoto Protocol – an international agreement on reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Several years passed, and suddenly the views of scholars are divided. Many of them stated that the industrial activity of man is not the main cause of warming.

It is known that over the past 50 years, the air in Antarctica at 2.5 degrees warmer. Instead of snow there already raining. To test the idea of the impact of industrial human activities on climate change the planet – the scientists compared the data on warming in Antarctica and elsewhere. This comparison showed that in Antarctica, other processes occur, and the man is not the main culprit of global warming.

Researchers concluded that the main cause of warming is the sun. Snapshot of the solar corona, which were made by astronomers at the time of the eclipse 29 March 2007 show that in the work of the Sun occurred in global change. It warmed up so that even on Mars, the ice began to melt.

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