Ghost in the post-office box

GhostIn New Zealand, a certain Andrew Waters and his friend Kim Vardo went to rest at the weekend in the town of Saint-Bazens. By the way, they stopped in the Vulcan Hotel, a place where walking legend about ghosts, so Zatar drink.

“I’m still grumbling to Kim that he had some sort of a nonsense in my head it had to go there because he wanted to see a ghost,” says Andrew. – “In the bar we bought beer and I felt that my skin was covered with bumps, as from fear or cold, but I thought it was from excitement.”
Then the couple was photographed against a background of mail and after development noticed in the window vague silhouette. And Kim even then did not believe in ghosts. It remained a skeptic.

The hotel manager said that this is the first appearance at the post office, a room which is empty by the way for a year, a ghost. And what all this adds even more to the legend of the local ghost.

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