3009 year: Humanity horrified to look at ourselves

humanity ,horrifiedThe future generations will be hard to distinguish from the blue or gray aliens from outer space. An unusual match: ufologists, drawing portraits of strangers, and anthropologists, simulating the appearance of our distant descendants, draw one and the same. Why?

FATTY and indifferent

Anthropologists now divided into two great camps. Representatives of a claim that human evolution has ended. And a very long time. Others believe that it is continuing. Yes, and is accelerating.

According to scientists from the first camp, the people of the future virtually no change in appearance. To Enter, say, the XL-first century, and there on the streets are the same as we have today. Well, almost the same. In general, not scary.

– People generally retain their familiar look and a million years – calms Italian anthropologist Giorgio Manzi.

– If there are any cataclysm – corrects colleague Steve Jones of University College London.

Global catastrophe, according to scientists, can still give a start to severe natural selection. And he, in turn, will be able to strongly influence the human appearance. Others same motivation, but significant changes in habitat, such as would not.

Futurologists from the first camp believe that the more likely internal changes. Due to predict than the following.

First: weakened immune system. And it helped the numerous drugs that have to take on any occasion.

Second: the development of information technology threatens the psyche. Internet of the future, virtual reality, all sorts of gadgets and девайсы will easily establish and develop relationships, to meet many needs. Until sexual. Even sitting alone. But such lightness of blunt feelings of love, sympathy, trust and respect. People will be less able to care for others and not seek to work together. They can generally be similar to domestic animals. But devotees, and indifferent. As expected, all of it can fall into depression and ozhiret. As in the cartoon “The Valley”.

Tall and graceful

In the second camp, on the contrary, predict serious changes. The farther into the future, the more noticeable. But consensus on the future of the human aspect is not. As well as agreement on the terms.

For example, the famous futurist Professor Oliver Curry from the Center for Natural Philosophy and Social Sciences, London School of Economics sees the next thousand years is very bright. In his “Report on the evolution of” he, in fact, echoes the Soviet science fiction writer of the last century. Looking to the bright future of communism, they painted an incredibly beautiful people of the ideal physique.

And Curry tells proportional broad-two-meter men, sporty with a square jaw and large sex organs. About sexy women, grown up to 190 inches – above the current supermodels. With lush breasts, long and crooked legs, big eyes and smooth skin.

The professor expects that life expectancy will increase to an average of 120 years. And without early senility – in 80 years we will look at 40.

True, the origins sverhkrasoty and longevity is not a scientist puts the political system.

– In the direction of a more beautiful humanity than the present, inspired by the improvements in nutrition, the development of medicine and genetic engineering – the professor says. – But the main thing – sexual preference.

They – these preferences – and further spoil the appearance of a large part of the people of the future.

Bald, toothless, with earmuffs

The habit of chewing more light meal will make our faces rounder – almost childish in its form and with tiny chins. This – at first. Then become shallow teeth. While by no means disappear. Along with the nose, which remain two holes. In the best case – barely noticeable bulge.

As shown by studies of French scientists, your nose will disappear as unnecessary because of the ongoing mutations. They have already led to that man for several thousand years, has lost three-quarters of its smell.

– Culture and the environment will largely determine our biology – says the philosopher Francesco Cavalli Sforza. I believe true in everyday forecast that all people will eventually be long, thin fingers – so convenient to press the keys, sticking to the small screen. Perhaps, and five fingers on one hand do not need – enough for two or three.

And the strong and weak floor completely deprived of hair – will not grow anywhere, even on the genitals. Not to mention the head, armpits, and beard. British scientists seriously believe that evolution is able to take this step in order to save water in washing her and shave. Moreover, such a deficit would lead to that of the kidney will be a new function – to extract water from the urine and keep it in the body.

Muscular body weight significantly reduced. Leather grow coarse to resist burns from acid rain.

On the ears will fold – edakii valves, which can be closed for protection from noise.

The abundance of information will require a larger brain. And accordingly the skull. Head will rise and rounded.

Anthropologists have predicted that the eye because of the abundance of all dirt and dust in the atmosphere will be slanted and acquire additional eyelid. Or dark protective film.

And what ultimately happens when summarized scientific predictions? She looks like – to the smallest detail – the representative of an extraterrestrial civilization, how it is taken to represent. Frail and brainy. The so-called gray, in the terminology of ufologists.

The similarity of man of the future with alien manifest until a dark film on the eyes. It can be seen in the famous movie “alien autopsy”, which was already several years of controversy, it is a fake or documentary. But, according to legend, a military statement removed, cut like this alien, who died in 1947 in New Mexico during the collapse of the “flying saucer”.

Typical images newcomers, incidentally, appeared in 60-ies of XX century – long before the promulgation of the film. And allegedly were drawn from the descriptions of eyewitnesses. Here is one of the two. Or for us to really fly the aliens to demonstrate the next stage of evolution. Or portraits to be painted by humorists, futurists, who produced them according to their perceptions of the highly humanoid.

However, if you believe in UFO, the land visited by more and Nord – tall, handsome and sexy beauties. Perhaps they may reflect nothing more than projections. Or on some planets, evolution did not follow the path of goblins. For humanity, it is a chance …

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