3009 year: Humanity horrified to look at ourselves

humanity ,horrifiedThe future generations will be hard to distinguish from the blue or gray aliens from outer space. An unusual match: ufologists, drawing portraits of strangers, and anthropologists, simulating the appearance of our distant descendants, draw one and the same. Why?

FATTY and indifferent

Anthropologists now divided into two great camps. Representatives of a claim that human evolution has ended. And a very long time. Others believe that it is continuing. Yes, and is accelerating.

According to scientists from the first camp, the people of the future virtually no change in appearance. To Enter, say, the XL-first century, and there on the streets are the same as we have today. Well, almost the same. In general, not scary.

– People generally retain their familiar look and a million years – calms Italian anthropologist Giorgio Manzi.
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Scientists dispelled the myth of the existence of the soul

heartThe phenomenon of “life after death. They tried to give a logical explanation as to why some people survived clinical death, claim that their soul leaves the body. However, many saw the story of his life, visited the tunnel with light at the end, and some even talked with God!

The results showed that all descriptions of “seen” in a state of clinical death is not nothing but a hallucination caused by the withering away of brain cells.

In clinical death, the brain ceases to be supplied with oxygen, and accordingly, the neurons begin to die. During cell death in the brain is changing neural connections that are often accompanied by the appearance of old memories and hallucinations. In other words, a man sees what he wants to see. And who else but God, we want to see in this difficult hour for us?
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Global warming will cause the extinction of entire

Global, warmingScientists said that in the new century, the cause of instability and disappearance of entire nations will be climate change. Polar ice may melt within 60 years, and then, life will change beyond recognition. Sea levels will rise so much that many coastal countries, in which lives a third of the world’s population – will go under the water.

According to the findings of UN experts, the cause of the anomalous warming is the so-called “greenhouse effect”. Seeing this danger, the state in 1997 signed the “Kyoto Protocol – an international agreement on reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
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Ghost in the post-office box

GhostIn New Zealand, a certain Andrew Waters and his friend Kim Vardo went to rest at the weekend in the town of Saint-Bazens. By the way, they stopped in the Vulcan Hotel, a place where walking legend about ghosts, so Zatar drink.

“I’m still grumbling to Kim that he had some sort of a nonsense in my head it had to go there because he wanted to see a ghost,” says Andrew. – “In the bar we bought beer and I felt that my skin was covered with bumps, as from fear or cold, but I thought it was from excitement.”
Then the couple was photographed against a background of mail and after development noticed in the window vague silhouette. And Kim even then did not believe in ghosts. It remained a skeptic.

The hotel manager said that this is the first appearance at the post office, a room which is empty by the way for a year, a ghost. And what all this adds even more to the legend of the local ghost.

In Texas, found chupacabra

The golf course near the city of Fort Worth in Texas found dead of an unknown animal. Early in the morning it came breaker golf course Rocky Vincent. The animal was the size of a dog, but had a different structure of the body. The most prominent is elongated snout with large fangs.

A member of the zoo in Fort Worth, John Ward, who examined a wonder, said that nothing like this had not been selected. This is not a coyote, not a dog, not a wolf. This is generally an animal unknown to science, perhaps, the legendary chupacabra.

Nearby farmers have repeatedly complained of damage to both the private herds attack unknown predator.

The huge footprint in the history of mankind

mankind One can endlessly argue on the reliability of this picture, one thing is clear – the orthodox science of humankind is to review the causes and theories of our civilization.

It should be said that the world prior to the flood, is radically different from today. Natural conditions to ensure the existence of giant plants and animals.

The atmosphere of the ancient world, contained 50% more oxygen than at present (this fact was discovered in the study of amber with the “mothballed” bubbles). People living in such conditions, of course, could have significant growth. If there were facts that go beyond natural events, in these conditions could appear real giants.
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Fight Armageddon

fight ,ArmageddonProminent experts and thinkers from the world-famous are now constantly in the pages of “Novaya Gazeta”. Together with Project Syndicate will regularly provide the word about important events and issues of concern to humanity, a recognized authority: scientists, Nobel laureates, former and current leaders of states and corporations.

One of the important decisions which mankind will have to make in 2010, lies in whether or not to support the head of Russia’s space agency Roskosmos, Anatoly Perminov the launch of an unmanned vehicle for changing the trajectory of a large asteroid that could hit the Earth after 2030
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Fossil corals tell about the history of the ocean

coralsAncient coral reefs on the Great Barrier Reef will help to understand how the past 20 thousand years has changed the sea level.

An international team of researchers will hold 45 days on board the ship of the Great Mayan , collecting samples at 40 locations at a depth of 150 m. Since, like trees, corals have growth rings, seasonal fluctuations in the past may shed light on the history of sea-water temperature , salinity and other characteristics of the environment.
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In ancient meteorite found thousands of organic compounds

meteoriteIn part Murchisonskogo meteorite – stone that fell to Earth in 1969 – found 14 thousand organic compounds. Article scientists published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Brief of the portal writes BBC News.

Research Murchisonskogo meteorite, named after the Australian town, near which he had fallen, carried out since the fall. However, until now, scientists have searched in the stone only interested in their connection. The creators of the work carried out large-scale search, which allows to identify a huge number of substances. The main method that is used by scientists, has been mass-spectrometry.
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