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29 Jan

Israeli military industry has been developing a radically new means of intelligence gathering – a microsatellite, the IDF said the air force commander Major-generad Ido Nehoshtan, wrote Mignews

Nehoshtan spoke at the annual conference of traditional space, Ilan Ramon in the Aviation Institute Fisher brothers in Herzliya.

According Nehoshtana such satellites can be run into space from the plane to launch it only takes a few minutes, and each satellite will be launched to perform a specific task – gathering intelligence information about a specific facility or a military formation of the enemy.

Nehoshtan said: “We need to cover large areas, and permanently, through the sensors of various kinds. We need a microsatellite, which can be run from the airplane.

Sources Ha’aretz “in the leadership of the Air Force argued that the work on the concept of a microsatellite has been going on for about a year.

It is known that a weapon corporation Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is developing a satellite weighing less than 120 kg, which is much smaller than all the so far constructed in Israel satellites.

The main advantage of a microsatellite to be a flight to the low orbit. Traditional satellites are flying at a distance of 60 700 km from the Earth’s surface, because a lower orbit will require a more powerful engine.

Light weight micro allow its use at an altitude not exceeding 300 km, which in turn will set him less powerful and expensive observational equipment.

Menachem Kadron, head of the Department of Space Rafael said that in the normal funding of the first microsatellite can start working within five years.

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